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Hawaii Five-O – Recap & Review – Ike Maka

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Hawaii Five-O
Ike Maka

Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2011

Rachel M – Senior Staff Writer

So at this point I’m thinking were not going to get the friendly resolution we wanted with Kono and the guys. That upsets me a little, but maybe the show has more secrets to reveal. I’m sure it does. Okay, so to the action! The HPD is chasing a nice vintage muscle car when they end up in the shipyard. The car disappears and they crack open some containers to find more nice vintage muscle cars…and a dead body.

At McG’s house, Danny can’t sleep without the TV, and Steve can’t sleep with it on. So Danny sleeping on Steve’s couch, and their friendly banter has an edge to it. I can’t blame them, it’s hard to live with people you like.

Their dead body is wrapped up, like he just had facial surgery. It’s more suspicious because his finger prints have been filed off. Ouch. To top it off, Max is pissed at Steve and Danny for an unknown reason. He’ll only talk to Lori, it’s exactly mature but it’s effective. They have no idea why, but it’s easily to blame each other.

Kamakona helps Kono and Chin track down where the stolen cars are coming from, while Steve and Danny use Max’s information to get more details on the victim. That’s right, Max deigned to speak to them, but it’s only the facts. They talk to the very unhelpful plastic surgeon, but don’t really get any closer to an ID.

Kono and Chin use Lori as the undercover bait for the car thief. Kono has apparently already done her time. Predictably, the bait works and the car thief is conned into getting into the muscle car, which is then “jacked” and Lori is thrown out. But the gang has the car on a remote control or something, and after a couple of blocks they are sitting ducks. In the interrogation room, the car thief leader guy folds. Which leads them to the dead guys girlfriend, which leads to his real name and his pre-op face.

Well that’s something! Except that it’s not his name, and it turns out he was in witness protection. They figure it out just in time to see the killer (mob hit of all things) take a hostage in an attempt to escape. Danny distracts him while McG climbs a crane boom and leaps onto the guy. Which is, as you know, the sensible course of action. He talks pretty quickly too.

5O tracks down the mob murderers to the girlfriend of dead guy, but they are still looking for their victim, who is, you know, dead. But if the bad guys don’t know that, then there must be another bad guy out there. I did wonder how we could have found the killer so early in the episode, I should have known there would be a twist! A touch of the screen here and a few key taps later, it turns out the unhelpful plastic surgeon was the real killer. Not exactly malicious, it was an accident, but still.

Well that was a lot of tail chasing for nothing! On the plus side, McG and Danno figure out why Max is mad, they ignored an email invite from him for theme movie nite. Silly rabbits. What do you think? I was so happy with all the banter tonight!

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