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Heroes – Recap & Review – 1961

photo: nbc
photo: nbc


Original Air Date: April 13, 2009

Brittany – Associate Staff Writer

Last week’s episode had me on the edge of my seat, ready for today and here we are; supposedly about to learn more about one of my favorite characters, Angela Petrelli. She’s been shrouded in secrecy for a while now, so I won’t keep you waiting.

Everyone met at Coyote Sands to start digging up bodies when we left off last week. Angela finally tells them all that she’s looking for her sister, Alice who was supposedly murdered along with dozens of others in 1961. We find out via black and white flash backs that Chandra Suresh was part of a research facility to round up people with abilities. (Sound familiar?) Angela we know could see the future in her dreams, and Alice controlled the weather. It seemed that Alice and Angela were very close and nothing could come between then until Angela meets a young Bobby Bishop, Charles Deveaux and Linderman. It only takes a few nightmares for Angela to realize the camp facility has a dark underbelly and Charles convinces her that they need to bail, but that Alice would only slow them down. When Alice complains that her feet are cold, Angela promises to return with socks and lies to her sister, saying she’ll be safer in the camp. When Angela leaves, all hell breaks loose when Chandra tries to inject Alice with something (a beta of the formula?) and Chandra slaps her. Her father sees this and is then shot by a military man so Alice runs and hides under the building. Somehow she’s managed to live for fifty years on this abandoned ground without being discovered.

Angela believes that if she can bury a part of Alice properly she’ll have some kind of closure, and that’s why the graves are being dug up. Before she can do that though, a massive sand storm takes over and suddenly it seems to Angela that Alice might not be dead after all. During the sandstorm Angela disappears, but Mohinder appears as if from thin air and explains to Noah that he’s there because of his father’s work. Meanwhile, Angela has escaped to what appears to be a fall out shelter of sorts. It’s stocked with food and files, and she’s rummaging around when a woman with crazy eyes and even crazier hair makes herself known. It’s none other than Alice. She explains what happened and how she survived, and I might have gotten a little teary when Angela explained that she steals socks to be reminded of her little sister. Remember that, season one? Awww. It’s when Angela says she lied that things get really rough and Alice effectively loses her shit. She was ready to forgive Angela and instead, as Peter and Mohinder find the pair, the weather goes berserk. Mohinder reminds Alice of Chandra so he gets knocked out first, and no matter what Angela says, Alice is not going with her. Instead, she disappears to God knows where.

Later, at the same diner where Charles, Bobby, Linderman and Angela formed the Company, Nathan, Peter, Claire, and Noah all sit around a table with Angela and decide that they need to start cleaning up this mess and form the Company once again. Nathan says that he’ll go back to Washington and start being accountable when Claire says that it looks like he already is. The camera zooms in on the TV where Nathan is holding a press conference. Only, as Noah informs us, it’s not Nathan at all…it’s Sylar.

How did you feel about this episode? Can I be honest here for a minute? I am absolutely LOVING the show lately. With the throw back to Angela being arrested for stealing socks way back the first time we ever met her and all the way through to the end, I was very invested in this episode. The call back to season one also seemed to carry with it a message: ‘Never fear fans. We hear you, and we’re returning to what is good’. Do you think this could be the case or am I putting the cart before the horse? Leave me your Two Cents in the comments!

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