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Hot in Cleveland – Recap & Review – Sisterhood of the Traveling SPANX

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Hot in Cleveland
Sisterhood of the Traveling SPANX

Original Air Date – Feb 9, 2011

Anne – Associate Editor

Is it possible for a girdle to be magic? What about cursed? Find out on a brand SPANXing new episode of Hot In Cleveland. This week’s guest stars are Jack Wagner (Frisco from General Hospital) and Melanie Griffith.

Hot In Cleveland is filmed in front of a live audience…

Joy is lying on a couch at a therapy session. Or is she? Actually, it’s a fortune-teller. She gives Joy a pair of magic SPANX. Immediately Joy gets a call from “Cute Oliver”, whom she met at the grocery store. He asks her out.

Cut to a week later. The girls want to burn the cursed SPANX, which Elka insists is a girdle. They each have their own story. Joy showed up for her “date” only to find out that Oliver was expecting another younger woman to babysit his son. He is taking his girlfriend out to propose. Joy agrees to stay and babysit. He even rehearses his proposal with her. Poor Joy.

Victoria wore the shaper to an audition, where she learned she was up for a part playing Melanie Griffith’s mother. Our girl was not happy with this development. She starts acting like Katherine Hepburn and they argue about their ages. They get into a knockdown drag-out fight, but luckily Victoria starred in the Lifetime movie, “Soccer Mom Ninja”!

Melanie just wanted to look better in a dress. She thought a guy was cute at Stormy’s ( their usual bar). She met a girl who claimed to have the hots for the bartender, Ben. She asks Melanie to give him a note. She does and the note says to hand over all the money. The girl is robbing the place and pulls out a gun. A man gets injured on her way out of the bar, but Melanie’s crush is a doctor. He needs something to compress the man’s wound. See where this is going? Yep. Melanie struggles to take off the SPANX and falls on her butt. Man, those things are really hard to take off!

Elka laughs at all of them. “Joy is desperate, Victoria is vain and Melanie is gullible!” That about covers it, eh. But wait, their luck is changing!

Melanie’s doctor, whose name is Aaron shows up to return her wallet, which she lost when she took off her girdle. “SPANX!” “You’re welcome!” He asks her to dinner. Victoria gets a call from her agent. She’s landed a starring role on All My Children opposite Susan Lucci. On a side note, Wendie Malick really will be guest starring on AMC as Erica Kane’s maid on Thursday February 24.

Joy finds a picture from little Jacob in her purse. She loved babysitting him. I think she’s making up for missing out with her son. She decides she wants to have a child. Maybe she’ll adopt? Elka supports her, but then tells her she’s too old. Gotta love Elka.

Speaking of Elka, she wants her turn with the SPANX. Later, she and Joy watch a baseball game. Her favorite Cleveland Indian hits three home runs and looks very slim doing it. She SPANXed him! Too funny! I love the final acts in this show.

Another great episode, yes? Perfect balance of all four gals. I think they can get some great storylines out of this episode. And it’s great that we’ll be seeing Jack Wagner some more. Pete who?!?

Please leave your two cents below and share your thoughts. I’ll see you Thursday with an all new episode! Thank you for reading.

Next episode: I Love Lucci, Part 1

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