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House – Recap & Review – Brave Heart

photo: fox
photo: fox

Brave Heart

Original Air date: Oct 19, 2009

Shannon – Associate Editor

Donny, a cop chases a perp doing some sweet Parkour moves and tries a little action himself by trying to jump from one roof to another. Unfortunately for Donny, he falls 30 feet flat on his back. It doesn’t matter to Donny because he thinks he’s going to die soon anyway because his dad and grandfather both died on the job right after their 40th birthdays. This guy turns 40 next week.

House doesn’t want to treat the guy because of the coincidence of three generations of deaths, but Foreman’s the boss and he wants to so off they go.

Chase is having flashbacks because Donny is in the same ICU room as Dibala. He’s also not sleeping and is acting very strange in general. He still hasn’t told Cameron what’s going on and she’s starting to notice weird things are afoot.

Cuddy makes House do rounds to get his medical license back. House is not amused. He harasses the attending doctor to sign off on his rounds hours by being a nuisance.

Foreman and Chase do some research on the Donny’s relatives. Also, Donny has a son, even though he never married and never purposely had kids because he thought he was a goner and didn’t want to leave them behind like his dad did to him. How do we know this? Donny’s ex girlfriend comes to see House.

Wilson converts his old study/shrine to Amber into a bedroom for House. House starts hearing voices thanks to all the photos of Amber and Wilson scattered about the room.

Foreman wants to test the kid. Michael, the kid, doesn’t want to and Cameron convinces Michael’s mom to introduce Michael to his father. Donny says he doesn’t want to meet the kid and is kind of an ass to him.

House has Chase go along with the ruse that Donny just needs to take some pills and he’s going to live. Donny buys it and they discharge him. He collapses four hours later and dies. Foreman and House do the autopsy on Donny and he wakes up! Holy crap!

Night two in the study and there are more noises. House is freaking out. He tells Cuddy he’s not ready to be a doctor again. House sleeps out on the couch again but goes back into the room to see if he hears anything. He does. It’s coming from the heating vent. Wilson is talking to himself, well, to Amber, in his room.

In a very well-acted scene, Chase goes to confession and tells the priest what he did. The priest says he has to turn himself in to get absolution.

House finally figures out that Donny has an brain aneurysm and that it’s hereditary and that’s what killed his father and grandfather and what will kill him and his son if they don’t correct it. House tells Donny the reason he never wanted kids or a wife wasn’t because he didn’t want to leave them but because he didn’t want to be tied down. Donny goes and makes peace with his son.
House goes to bed with earplugs and talks to his dad. He yells at Wilson that it’s stupid and Wilson tells Amber that House really is getting better.

Is House really getting better? Do you think House and Cuddy will get together at some point? Will Chase finally tell Cameron what he’s done or will he go the House route and end up in the loony bin? Let me know in the comments!

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