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House – Recap & Review – Nobody’s Fault

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Nobody’s Fault

Original Air Date: Feb 6, 2012

Shannon – Associate Editor

We open in a hospital room that is just a huge mess. There’s blood everywhere, medical tools strewn about. It’s pretty gross. Then it cuts to House washing up in a restroom. When he’s done he sits in a very dark office for a disciplinary hearing with Dr. Cofield from Mercy Hospital. I don’t know if I’m supposed to remember or not, but Cofield is Foreman’s mentor from Johns Hopkins.

House runs down the facts of the case. A 32 year old chemistry teacher is jogging when he collapses with paralyzed extremities. House says that the Vicodin he was taking had nothing to do with the case and that what happened was nobody’s fault.

Cofield interviews Adams, Taub, and Park.  They all maintain that House is not at fault and that he’s brilliant.  House runs down the entire dialogue for Cofield. It’s not endearing House to him at all. What also doesn’t endear House to him is that House pranked Chase by turning his hair orange. All the other doctors are backing House up. Cofield berates House for not visiting his patients. Some of the patient’s students show up and tell the team that the patient was involved in an explosion in his classroom set up by a student aide wanting to make a viral video.

Oh hey guys, guess what? The patient puked blood. Drink!

Cofield is only slightly amused by Park’s tale of the stink bomb Chase planted in House’s office.

Foreman chose his old mentor, Dr. Cofield, because he hopes he won’t be objective. Foreman doesn’t want House sent back to prison because if he’s missing a genius diagnostician he’ll probably lose his job as Dean of Medicine.

Park, Adams, and Taub all have different opinions of what was wrong with the patient. House says they’ll go with all three options and see which one works. Chase goes against House and thinks Adams is right so he decides to treat for the strep rash on his own with Adams’ help. The patient is mental and starts to fight Chase. Cofield wants to know who House blames, Chase or Adams. In the melee, Chase gets stabbed with a scalpel in the heart. Adams has to plug the hole in Chase’s heart with her finger. They have to operate on Chase’s heart. Taub is leading the operation. Taub? The plastic surgeon? They don’t have a heart surgeon at PPTH? While the team is operating House is running a differential on their patient. None of his team will leave Chase so House heads out on his own. After Chase wakes up from surgery, he can’t feel his legs.

Cofield interviews Chase from his hospital bed. Chase possibly has a clot that might be causing his paralysis. Chase testifies that House trying to pull people off Chase’s procedure because he cares so much about Chase. Chase also testifies that he’d go against House again. Cofield says that means House has created an atmosphere of recklessness.

While House is in a meeting with Cofield, he goes to take a Vicamin(House’s term and I like it) and the bottle explodes. Another prank, I assume. House epiphanies and says “Two explosions” and walks out of the meeting which hadn’t actually ended yet. House meets up with the patient as they’re loading him up in ambulance. House catches the wife and tells her what he thinks is wrong with her husband. She is not receptive.

House goes back to finish his meeting with Cofield, who is now gone. He’ll have his decision the next day. The next morning, the whole group, with the exception of Chase, meet in Cofield’s office which is now bright and sunny. Wonder what that means? While Cofield is running down House, the patient’s wife interrupts to say that House was right and he saved her husband’s life. Cofield exonerates House saying that he’d be doing the hospital a disservice by prosecuting House and sending him back to prison. Instead of being happy about that, House says that whether or not he saved a person’s life doesn’t mean he did the right thing. Which means that House really does feel bad about Chase. House visits Chase in physical therapy and tells him that they ruled the stabbing nobody’s fault and that he’s sorry. Chase doesn’t seem to buy it.

According to the previews for next week, it looks like Chase is holding House responsible for the stabbing. Which I kind of get, but Chase is the one that took a scalpel into the room of a patient they knew to be having a psychotic break. A break which the team caused, by the way. So yeah, I kind of liked this episode. It was a nice break from the way things have been going. This show does a great job of making me sick and anxious at the same time. I was really scared for Chase for awhile there. What’d you think? Leave a comment!

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