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House – Recap & Review – Risky Business

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Risky Business

Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2011

Shannon – Associate Editor

Barton is a very rich man and someone tp’d his house. His daughter comes by and starts talking about ways to keep them from moving their family business operations to China when he starts feeling like everything is getting smaller. It’s just your patriotism drying up, sir. Nothing to worry about.  Take two apple pies and call me in the morning.

House is taking the case because Barton is a billionaire. He manages to weasel some money out of the patient in order to fund his department. Also, Barton pukes blood at some point. Yawn.

Adams is the new Cameron by which I mean she tells the patient she thinks he’s wrong. Barton’s daughter says he’s moving because her mother died of cancer a few months earlier and he’s trying to get away from that.

Foreman has spoken with Barton who has asked that they not cash his check. D’oh!

Park and House take on a bet. She bet him a hundred bucks that she won’t get fired after her disciplinary hearing. He’s doing his best to gather evidence to get her fired. Park goes to Wilson for advice. He says she should offer House something he likes more than winning bets and also to update her resume.

House really wants to keep Barton’s company’s stock up so he can blackmail him for money after he cures him so he asks Adams for 200k to invest. She says no, but will loan him 5k if he doubles his clinic hours. She’s seen how little respect House has for those patients and she thinks if he spends more time with them, he’ll grow to like them more. Seriously? Has she ever met House? That’s so very Cameron of her. He takes her deal, loses that money and then steals a skin resurfacing laser worth 200 thousand dollars. Adams covers for him when Foreman asks about it and advises her to find out where she draws the line on what she’ll do for House because he’ll eventually ask her to cross it.

Orthopedics still has possession of the other half of House’s office. He induces vomiting in one of their doctors who then mummifies in casts all of House’s desk. Ha! That’s pretty freaking awesome.

House sets up a differential conference with Dr. Andrews, the doctor that Park punched and is currently having a hearing about. He suggests one diagnosis but Park offers up a rebuttal. House sides with Andrews and Adams performs the test she and Park thinks they should do instead. It’s painfully obvious here that House believes that Andrews is completely wrong but is using him to get Park to do the opposite which is what House wants her to do.  Unfortunately, this renegade tests puts Barton in a coma. House is using this insubordination to get Park fired. She begs for her job and she is allowed to keep it.

House epiphanies over an x-ray in orthopedics and cures Barton. House coaxes him to sign the form to outsource his company. His daughter is against it but Barton signs it anyway.

Wilson outs House on his plan to keep Park from getting fired. Wilson theorizes that House knew the board hates him so his outburst to fire Park made the board want to keep her just to spite House.

House gets more money than was needed to fund the department so he gets the other half of his office back. He lets Adams, his new employee, go all Carrie Underwood on it and destroy it with a baseball bat (she’s going through a divorce, nuff said).

So despite Adams channelling Pollyanna this week, I’m actually glad she’s staying on. Park, too. I like both of them though I will admit to maybe liking Park more. She’s weird. Chase and Taub are back next week. What do you think about that? Good thing? Let me know in the comments!

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