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House – Recap & Review – Under My Skin

photo: fox
photo: fox

Under My Skin

Original Air Date: May 4, 2009

Shannon – Associate Editor

During a ballet rehearsal, the male lead has a bad back and drops the female lead during a lift. The girl can’t breathe and there’s something in her lungs. We know since we get an inside look. Also, there is some innuendo that suggests that he and she might have done the nasty. I bet that’s important later. Also important later? House and Cuddy totally do it! Bow chicka wow wow. Also also, Amber is still pestering House.

Hey, the nasty is important since they’re throwing around STDs as a cause for ballerina’s collapse. They rule that out because it’s still the beginning of the episode, duh.

House busts in on Wilson telling a patient he has liver cancer. House tells Wilson that he’s hallucinating. Wilson asks who he’s talking to. House doesn’t tell him the truth. He says it’s Kutner.

Cameron and Chase have dinner. Cameron just outs that she has her dead ex-husband’s sperm. It’s frozen she wants to keep it as a back up in case she and Chase don’t work out. Chase likens it to a pre-nup in liquid form. Chase cancels the wedding because it’s obvious to him Cameron has doubts. He has none but he won’t marry her until she’s certain. She says she is certain, but he says no.

They’re going to inject water in this girl’s lungs that’s going to make her think she’s drowning. Taub screws it up and the girl’s skin comes off. Then all her skin starts falling off. Gross.

House thinks he has MS because he feels guilty for prescribing the antibiotics that make her skin disintegrate. House apologizes to the ballerina. Whoa. He is sick. Amber tells House that he doesn’t have MS, he’s either severely mentally ill or he has to come off the Vicodin. Either way he can’t practice medicine. Amber jabs a needle in to her arm and drags it spilling blood all over the table. House slips and calls his hallucination “her” in front of Wilson and he fesses up to it being Amber instead of Kutner.

House gives himself insulin shock and that gets rid of Amber for awhile, but not completely. House is having beer and onion rings in a diner when Amber shows up again singing a song very creepily. House calls Wilson to come and get him and Wilson suggests admitting House to a detox facility. House goes along with it until Amber talks him out of it saying that it won’t work. Also, House is off the ballerina case. As an aside, have you noticed that everyone on this show has flip phones. Is that because it’s so much cooler to hang up on someone when you can slam the phone shut?

By the way, the dancer totally has gonorrhea in her heart and her dancer boyfriend breaks up with her because she cheated on him. And gave him gonorrhea. They (and by they I mean Chase, the one surgeon in the hospital) operate on her and she ends up with gangrene in her hands from the vessels collapsing. In a miracle move they manage not to have to amputate the girl’s hands and feet by somehow or another opening up her vessels. Yay!

House has Cuddy sit with him while he goes through Vicodin detox. He’s puking and Cuddy’s raiding the apartment looking for hidden pills. He’s doing great when he and Cuddy are on the bathroom floor and he stealthily eyeballs a stray pill on the bathroom floor. Amber is there and trashtalks House while he sends Cuddy off so he can take the pill. Fortunately, Cuddy comes back in time to stop him and flush the pill. The next morning, House has a killer headache but seems 100% better. Hmm…ok. The magic of television, I suppose. Anyway, he feels awesome enough to kiss Cuddy at the door and they start eating each others’ faces. They totally did it. But you know, this is going to be bad, I think because on this show sex is evil. Take for instance, the ballerina who almost died because she cheated on her boyfriend. This isn’t the first time this has come up either. I’m thinking the writers on this show have issues with their love lives. I’m just saying.

So there you have it, folks. Huddy for reals. What do you think will happen next in their relationship? Do they even have a relationship now? Do you think House will keep off the Vicodin? So many questions! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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