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How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Splitsville

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How I Met Your Mother

Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2012

Caitlin –Staff Writer

Within the first five episodes of this season, we went from having one married couple and three happy relationships to having one married couple and two decisive break-ups. Now, only Robin and Nick are left to realize they were doomed from the start.

With Nick unable to have sex due to a groin injury, Robin has discovered he’s really not too bright. Considering we haven’t seen that before just now, I don’t blame her. And yet her friends suddenly have about a dozen examples of the fact.

She decides to break up with him, but his abs make for too much of a distraction. When Barney threatens to release an invitation for a day of fun between her and her co-worker Patrice, who’s completely obsessed with her, she tries to break up with him at a dessert place called “Splitsville”, only for him to received unknown devastating news before she can act.

Marshall and Ted occupy themselves through this by being part of two opposing teams in a local basketball league. Marshall is thrilled because Nick will be their star player once he recovers. Ted, meanwhile, is convinced that knowing the court as an architect will help him. And it does…help him score 2 points that end up getting thrown out. Marshall’s team will face Ted’s eventually, and it won’t be much of a matchup.

Or will it? Nick’s news turns out to be that his groin injury is going to keep him out of the league for the rest of the season. He’s distraught over letting Marshall down. The good news is, he no longer has to worry about speeding up his own recovery. Translation? He can have sex. Just as Robin is about to give in again, Barney steps in to help. By running down to Splitsville and saying- at great length- that he’s in love with her.

Robin leaves Nick in hysterics with two other sobbing girls (Splitsville is a very popular break-up spot.) Barney assures her and us that it was all an act for her benefit. But, as she points out, he was very convincing. Convincing enough for them to kiss, even. After an awkward pause, they actually start to lean into eachother. Cue a phone call from an ecstatic Patrice. Barney kind of forgot to keep that invitation from going out.

There’s also a subplot where Lily is horny because Marvin keeps preventing her and Marshall from having sex. Ted takes the baby to give them some alone time. But, for some reason, I don’t think that’s the part of the episode that people will be talking about tomorrow. Clearly, there’s a much bigger issue to discuss. Something that could change the entire show. I mean, hello- Patrice is back! What in this episode could possibly be bigger than that?

Next Week: The Stamp Tramp

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