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In Plain Sight – Recap & Review – The Merry Wives of WITSEC

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In Plain Sight
The Merry Wives of WITSEC

Original Air Date: Apr 6, 2012

Jules – News Editor

Another week, another witness. Also, another week of personal trials and tribulations and I rather enjoyed the personal stories this week compared to the witness, but that’s just me. But let’s start with the witness.

His name is John (played by Brady Smith). He’s a pharmaceutical rep who’s really in the wrong place at the wrong time. But as the title of this episode suggests, nothing is really as it seems.

First, what John witnessed was more than just a procedure gone wrong and a patient pass out (didn’t really need to see all of that, too). The doctor he was giving meds to has been harvesting organs and illegally dealing them and now it’s all part of a federal investigation.

Next, John hasn’t been completely honest with the Marshals. After many hang up calls to John, Stacey the wife gets suspicious and Marshall and Delia go investigating. What they find is that John has another family. Actually, he’s been leading a double life for seven years and the U.S. Marshals didn’t know that already? I find that hard to believe. Now that the case is getting bigger, Mary’s in on the fun as well.

So now there is Eve, who thinks she’s married to John Wilson (his made up name from before and now his WITSEC name!) John printed a phony marriage license and Eve suspected nothing. Mary and Marshall go meet with Eve (Stacey Oristano – aka Mindy from Friday Night Lights!) to let her know that John is in witness protection. She starts to freak out, but Mary calms her down for sake of daughter Lulu.

And now that both families have to be in WITSEC, Mary and Marshall get to break the news to the two wives. Sounded like fun to Mary, but it’s not as easy or fun as it seemed. Both don’t believe it or take it well, but no one takes it worse than Stacey. She lashes out at John, even slapping him. John defends himself and his actions by saying he loves both his families and children and apparently it looks like that’s the truth.

So for the time being, both families will stay in the same hotel while undergoing family therapy under Dr. Finkle’s purview. All sounds good until the Marshals find out that one of the wives called the doctor’s office saying they will give up John’s location. Luckily, they get to the voicemail before the doctor hears it, but the voice is morphed. So which wife made the call?

Mary and Marshall interview both wives and both say it wasn’t them, though and Marshall and Mary have their suspicions. In fact, both are wrong, as it was neither wife. It was Bonnie, Stacey’s teenage daughter who made the call. Marshall figures this out via the voice modification App on her phone. This is all great until they find out Bonnie’s escaped through the window in her room. Even with Marshals guarding her door, she got out. These are not good Marshals!

But all is forgiven when they soon find Bonnie watching a lacrosse match – the one thing she was told she couldn’t do anymore. She’s still upset, but who wouldn’t? Your dad has been lying about his life and he made your mom cry for hours. She’s soon reunited with her family and now everyone gets to be relocated together, but no one has to see John unless they want to. And neither do, leaving John alone.

Now to the personal stories. Mary and Mark are on the hunt for a nanny/baby-sitter for Norah and after a few interviews that don’t pan out, all of a sudden Mary’s old principal shows up at the door. However, she’s not just Principal Stuber, she’s also Mark’s mom! Mary’s hesitant about this, but it’s the easiest conclusion for both and it’s a family member to Norah, except Mary doesn’t seem to be too fond of her – probably because of her mischievous childhood.

Then there’s Stan. He’s still seeing Leah and Mary witnesses it! She goes to to return a toy and help Marshall (more on that later) and spies Stan eating with Leah. Then she sees them make out! For Mary, “It’s too good. And bad. I’m so confused!” It ends up being a fun scene since Mary’s on the phone with Marshall the whole time and there’s a funny visual of Oscar licking Marshall’s face while Mary sees Stan kissing Leah.

Then there is Marshall. He hints at a big surprise for Abigail for their anniversary and asks for Mary’s help to get reservations at a popular place. Mary isn’t able to get those reservations, but is able to get Marshall amazing reservations somewhere else. He’s happy and says he has to re-think is approach. Approach to what? First, not your normal reservations. It’s at a shooting range and hey, even Abigail calls Mary Marshall’s work wife! When done and Abigail calls back her paper target, a ring is attached! Marshall gets down on one knee and well Abigail accepts his proposal! Woah! Was that fast or what?

I wasn’t really expecting the proposal, but assumed something of the sort after Marshall said there was a “surprise” for Abigail. Also, even though the witness story was rather dull, it did allow for Marshall (and the show) to tie his story to Mary’s life in how a dad was leading two lives, like her own dad. Which means, we will revist this storyline soon as we have now hit the halfway mark of this short and final season. So what do you think? I’m kind of excited about next week’s episode after the previews. For now, let me hear your TwoCents!

Next week: Drag Me To Hell

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