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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Recap & Review – Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games

Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2011

Anne – Associate Editor

Have you ever been so bored that you make up your own games to pass the time? Well, that’s what our gang does on this week’s episode. Except they take it to extremes and it’s hilarious. They were very, very bored and decided to play Chardee MacDennis, a game they created on a similar day years ago. Poor Mac and Charlie have never won before. Ever. Charlie says, “It’s not a game…it’s a war!” Indeed. The game is made up of bits and pieces of other games and there are three levels.

Level 1 – Mind – Trivia, Puzzles and Artistry – drink only wine during this level
Level 2 – Body – Physical Challenge, Pain and Endurance – drink only beer
Level 3 – Spirit – Emotional Battery and Public Humiliation – hard liquor, baby!

Dee and Dennis are sure to nail down the game board to the bar, because Mac will (and does) inevitably try to flip it over in a rage. They have a 15 minute time limit for the game, but there are lots of breaks and time-outs, etc. Each team must get a certain number of cards to advance through each level. The prize at the end? The right to smash the other team’s game pieces. Mac and Charlie’s men are basically like He-Man action figures that have been repeatedly smashed and put back together. Frank decides to team up with M&C, but only after they deem him worthy.

We start with the Pre-Game Wine & Cheese Reception. They are all refined and cordial with each other. Next we have Maori dancing to loosen up and get hyped. It’s too crazy and I don’t know how they managed to get through it without cracking up on each other. On to Level 1. In the first level, we learn that Dee has a very bony back and Mac cheated and had to eat the game card. D&D automatically move on to Level 2.

Pre-Level 2 Celebration! More refinement and cordiality. Then more dancing. In Level 2, there is no swearing allowed. Dennis proved himself to be quite stoic as Frank throws a dart right through his hand. Frank swears, so they have to face a penalty. First they have to drink wine (remember they are still on Level 1) for five seconds and Dee counts nice and slowly. Then Frank has to eat the ingredients of a cake and be locked inside a dog kennel after they pull a “Go Directly to Jail” card. Then Charlie and Dee play Hungry, Hungry Humans, but Charlie eats his grapes, so D&D advance to Level 3.

But first, there is a Level 3 Break. Frank has a great idea, but Mac and Charlie don’t want to hear it. But he goes about it on his own and at the beginning of Level 3, he proves that Dee and Dennis have not been drinking the whole time. They’ve been downing water. Frank realized it when Dennis threw his “beer” at him in the kennel. So Mac, Charlie and Frank advance straight to Level 3 and then the timer goes off. That means they have to draw the black card! Which tells them to flip a coin. Seriously. So Dee and Dennis win the coin toss and the game. And poor Mac and Charlie watch as their game pieces are heinously stomped on repeatedly.

I really liked this episode, but it was a little hard to review because there were so many little details. I hope I’ve done it at least a little justice. I really am enjoying how so many of these episodes end so anticlimactically. Because that’s how life is, even in TV land. What did you think of the episode? Have you ever made up your own game like that? Please give me your TwoCents by commenting below. Thank you for reading! See you next week!!

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