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iZombie – Recap & Review – Conspiracy Weary

Conspiracy Weary

Original Air Date: June 13, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

iZombie’s gaining momentum as it heads into the final episodes and offers more insight to all of its arcs in the span of an hour, from new leads in the Weckler case to what felt like an object lesson for Liv and company in sharing information with others.  

The hour picks up right where we left off, as Blaine and Liv were hyping themselves up to go in and save Ravi and Don E. As the pair are ready to take on Harley Johns and his brothers. But it turns out they’re not the only ones who came in for the attack as the Fillmore-Graves team, led by Chase Graves ended up at Harley’s gun range Wham Bam.

Harley ends up being the only Johns brother to survive after Don E. gets his hands on Bo while the F-G took down the other two. As Harley runs away, it was all zombies on deck in the aftermath as Blaine gets introduced to Chase and we get some semblance of a comedic moment as Don E., Blaine, and Liv share a brain.

Unfortunately for them but fortunately for us, those brains were conspiracy theorist brains which led to a few funny moments between the trio throughout the hour. Seeing the three of them just sitting in that basement sharing a brain was kind of funny, and the conversation topics that took on that theorist edge was entertaining, especially when we got to see the trio talking about Biggie and Tupac and Liv talking about Major’s new (and shady) friend, Shawna.

The Don E./Ravi rescue mission also offered insight into one of many ongoing stories this season as Liv discovers new information about the Weckler case, the Tuttle-Reid murders, and offered leads for both Peyton’s and Clive’s investigations. In Peyton’s case, the conspiracy theorist brain didn’t help the Weckler case, but the news about the prison guard’s mysterious death offers something new that leads to Weckler’s daughter, a safe deposit box, and the realization that the man’s daughter is a zombie. That discovery and a conversation with Liv leads the pair to believe that Baracus is somehow involved in the dominatrix murder, considering his ties to the case.

In the Tuttle-Reid murders, it took the connection to the weapons Harley had at Wham Bam’s and Liv’s vision that confirms that Harley was outside of the home the night of the murder to realize that there is someone else out there responsible. So…who is it, then?

This week’s iZombie also served as an object lesson for a pair of Team Z members as Ravi and Major discover some surprising truths about the new women they have met and learn that maybe trusting everyone is not a great idea.

For Major, it was his Chaos Killer pen pal Shawna whose appearance was initially suspicious. While my own theories included potentially being introduced to Major for malicious reasons, we soon find out exactly why Shawna found Major, and it was odd. Liv’s quick search led to Shawna’s Tumblr filled with every single photo, text thread, and video they shared. When confronted with it, she justifies it as a way to show everyone the real Major. The whole thing felt like it started and presumably ended quickly which brings up the question what did this serve? A reminder that the Chaos Killer story is still a thing?

By the end of the hour, Ravi finds himself dealing with his own issues as Rachel, the woman he met in the zombie truthers meeting and who he was worried about after the Wham Bam’s attack turned out to be a journalist! And what was her beat? Well, it was none other than the Seattle zombies. This article is obviously not going to bode well for Ravi, his friends, and all other Seattle zombies and Ravi realizes that the minute he opens the indie newspaper.

There are still so many questions by the end of the hour: Doesn’t it seem like Chase and F-G are hiding more than the truth about zombies? With Baracus’ win, what does this mean for Team Z? Will everyone believe Rachel’s story?


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