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iZombie – Recap & Review – Dirt Nap Time

Dirt Nap Time

Original Air Date: May 16, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

This week’s iZombie offered a solid brain, processing the news about the cure, a curious follow-up on the dominatrix case, and a sign of more trouble coming for zombies courtesy of that zombie hunter.

Check out some of the highlights from the episode.

Liv on Preschool Teacher Brains. After the rather gruesome death of Jamie, a preschool teacher, Liv hilariously (and thankfully) takes on the teacher traits as opposed to Jamie’s womanizing ways. These brains were an improvement over last week’s frustrating brains and made the interrogation room moments fun. There was a balance to how much of the talking down and “teacher voice” and actual Liv we got to see that didn’t make it feel like it overwhelmed her life outside of the investigation. Though seeing Liv talking to Ravi and Major about them being able to be anything if they believed in was great.

But before we saw her ingest the brains in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, we got to see Liv react to the news that the syringes filled with the cure were taken and Major gave his only dose to Natalie. She doesn’t blame Major rather she goes straight to who she believes is the source of the robbery…Blaine. Seeing angry!Liv make a return after was great she goes straight for the punch. Though it seems like he’s not the source she’s looking for.

Major’s Human Again…And a Liability? While Major’s excited to be human again, his humanity makes his Fillmore-Graves somewhat more dangerous. It’s not just the physical danger but the danger of being asked how that’s possible again. Something that his Fillmore-Graves friend, Justin, brings up after he finds out about Major’s non-zombie status. And because it is Major, it only takes half of the episode before he finds himself in a position where his secret was in danger of being revealed while he and his F-G friends were inadvertently looking for Don E’s new spot, the Scratching Post. He’s only saved because Don E chose the right time to walk in and recognize him.

Blaine’s In Danger (Again). Blaine’s broody mood after everything that happened last week causes him to not only get snippy with Candy but also miss the signs that Don E would be going after him along with his father’s bodyguard. That oversight puts him in danger after Don E announces he’s taking his brains business whether he likes it or not and his father’s bodyguard delivers a message, a bullet to the stomach. Not so great now that he’s human.

That Over prepared Zombie Hunter. One of Major’s missions is to try and protect the zombie Mayor candidate, putting him and his partner Justin face to face with the man Liv found out about and got Fillmore-Graves to bug his truck. While Major left the encounter unscathed and more importantly, unmasked, Justin was not so lucky and was not only run over but exposed as he went into rage mode after the truck when the hunter and his friend try to escape.

About Justin. At this point, any man interested in Liv has an automatic target painted on his back which doesn’t bode well for Justin by the end of the episode especially after that Go Pro footage gets taken of him attacking the zombie hunter. I liked their moment at the Scratching Post, but that Justin thing felt like it came out of nowhere, right? Did it feel sudden to anyone else?

What’s the deal with that dominatrix case and didn’t that inmate’s suicide seem suspiciously timed?


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