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iZombie – Recap & Review – Eat, Pray, Liv

Eat, Pray, Liv

Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

This week’s iZombie shifts focus a bit towards fixing the cure, Ravi dealing with his former boss and the whole Peyton/Blaine situation, and a new development for Major that causes some concern in another solid hour.

Here are some of the highlights of this week’s episode.

Liv on Guru Brains. The death of a lifestyle guru leaves Liv with his laid-back, philosophical personality as she not only has to work through the case to get to the killer but also impart some wisdom on her friends who are going through some things. What was great about the way they wrote around the brain this week wasn’t completely mocking when it came to the lifestyle the victim had. It was also great to see that Liv imparted the wisdom sparingly and wasn’t overly obnoxious about it all, which made for a more enjoyable brain of the week and added a level of comedy to the moments she dropped those lines.

Major’s Time is Running Out. Up until this point, there wasn’t much we saw in the way of Major dealing with symptoms. That changed this week as he started hacking up a lung, essentially. A sure warning sign that time is beginning to run out for him and Ravi’s race to a cure that Major could take.

 This realization of exactly how much time he has left (weeks, according to Ravi) offered a few moments that were sad to watch. Since the cure that Ravi currently has left Blaine with amnesia, it seems like the idea of losing his memory or his life weighs on Major. It’s clearest to see that weight when he’s looking at Liv and his new friend from mercenary training playing that Just Dance-esque video game. It looks almost wistful for the easiness of it. He makes it clear, though, when Ravi gathers most of Team Z to talk about a possible cure to the amnesia portion of the cure.

Ravi and His…Everything, Really. Ravi has been dealing with things from many sides: searching for the cure, the return of his former boss and her curiosity about the brains in the digestive tract, and his issues with Peyton. This week began a convergence of these issues and brought a bit of pain to a pair of people involved.

On the personal side of things, we saw Katty Kupps return with more on her investigation into the missing woman who turned up dead with brains in her digestive tract. Her investigation has actually led her to uncover that she had gone missing after the boat party massacre. Obviously, this sounds off alarm bells in Ravi’s brain. While that is happening, Ravi’s still working through his feelings for Peyton and in the most unhelpful way continues to distance himself from her until he decides to talk to her. Of course, this conversation goes about as badly as imagined considering that she has no idea why he’s doing what he’s doing.

It’s only after he tells the team that he’s got a potential cure for the amnesia portion for the cure and he gets into it with Blaine, who doesn’t want to remember his past, that he argues with Peyton and reveals he’s in love with her. Because what better time to make that proclamation than in front of friends and mid-argument. Though it looked promising when she went to him, and he explained the situation, he manages to end it before it begins when we see he’s there with Katty Kupps!

After that final moment, things predictably end on a bit of a down note for Ravi this week.

So, what did you think of the episode? How long before Katty Kupps figures out the zombie situation? Or was she in on it from the moment she arrived? How about the whole situation with Major? And who else just wanted to yell at their TV and was reminded of that post-prom moment from Veronica Mars?         

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