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iZombie – Recap & Review – Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother

Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

After what’s felt like a very long time, iZombie has returned!

The solid season premiere gave us a glimpse at what Team Z is dealing with in the aftermath of the season 2 finale which included more insight into Vivian and her ominous offer to Liv, how Clive is dealing with the zombie knowledge, and life after being arrested as the Chaos Killer for Major.

Here’s where we’re at by the end of the iZombie premiere.

Liv and The Aftermath. After shooting Drake to save Clive, Liv takes the brains of a soldier which helps get her through much of the hour without any of the emotional fallout and allows for her to work through Vivian’s offer with some help from the others. It’s when the brains wear off that she begins to break and luckily Clive is there, in a small but sweet moment, to try and help her realize that she’s doing what she can and she did what she did to help save a friend.

Officially Meeting Vivian Stoll and Fillmore-Graves. Even with Max Rager essentially imploding after the season finale, there is no shortage of mysterious organizations that can bring the team a whole lot of trouble. Only this time, it seems like Vivian’s organization – Fillmore-Graves – is an ally to zombies and offers protection from discovery…for now. The introduction was harmless enough, but it seems like we’re not seeing the whole picture at F-G just yet.

Learning more about Vivian, how she scratched herself, and how her husband disappeared after being extorted for brains set the foundation for what is bound to be some big trouble for Team Z down the line.

Speaking of Major. Coming back from that Chaos Killer arrest and the Max Rager party makes for a fairly different view for Major. From having his and Ravi’s house vandalized to being unfortunately identified and branded at a coffee shop, it seemed like he was struggling for some attempt at a purpose and a way to move forward. All through the team’s trip to Fillmore-Graves, he seemed to be all for Vivian’s proposal to protect and train for the potential D-Day (Discovery Day) when it came to zombies being discovered, making his next job an understandable next step. Though the jury’s out on exactly how misguided that move will be.

Clive Adjusting to Joining Team Z. Clive knows, and he seems to be adjusting just fine. It’s the trip to Fillmore-Graves and finding out that one of the zombie children used to live in his building. It was a nice moment that gave us a little more from the detective. However, that nice feeling doesn’t last long as, by the end of the episode, Wally and his parents end up dead after a conspiracy theorist on the radio begins stirring up talk of zombies and the potential beginning of the zombie apocalypse.

Ravi, Peyton, and a New Option. Things are a little awkward for Peyton, Ravi, and Blaine as Ravi finds a few things out. While the continuation of that situation is playing, Peyton’s dealing with Twitter threats and Ravi’s working on trying to reverse the memory loss from Cure Two seeing as how Cure One isn’t going to cut it for Major.

Blaine, The Business, and Don E. Don E is getting bold after essentially running Blaine’s business after his boss lost his memory last season. After ruining it for himself, he tries to find the money he’s owed and ends up defrosting Blaine’s father. That defrosting and debriefing session ends with the pair going into business together against Blaine.

What did you think of the premiere? Who else is having doubts about Vivian, her plan, and Fillmore-Graves? What about Blaine’s memory loss? And, what will come of the threats?


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