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iZombie – Recap & Review – Some Like It Hot Mess

Some Like It Hot Mess

Original Air Date: May 9, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

This week’s iZombie gives us answers, an annoying brain, and a whole lot of questions.

The brain of the week causes some (a lot of) frustration for everyone around Liv (and me) as Liv and Clive investigate the death of a scatterbrained wannabe DJ. The brain comes at the worst time as Major took the cure and the team is waiting to see when the memories start fading.

Check out some of the highlights of the episode.

That Annoying Brain. This week’s brain belonged to perhaps the most annoying kind of person: a self-absorbed, flakey, scatterbrain. So, while it was necessary for Liv to eat the brain to help Clive solve the crime of the week, it didn’t add any fun or comedy to the hour. The constant forgetfulness and flaking out on things like getting the items Ravi needed for the memory enhancer only served to emphasize how unpleasant those traits are in a person.

Not to mention how those qualities would pop up at the worst times like Liv’s moment with Major or when Liv and Clive begin interrogating suspects. The crime of the week itself was okay, but it took a backseat to the Major cure developments and the confirmation we got about Blaine’s memory.

Major Memory Watch 2017. After Major took the cure at the end of the last episode, he spends the first act this week enjoying all of the things he missed from his human life, which included a hilarious moment in the kitchen as he reacquaints himself with how ice cream tastes in front of Ravi. Though his memory seems intact at the beginning, much to the cautious joy of Ravi and Liv, things start slipping and causes a fair bit of concern. Of course, with Liv essentially out of commission due to the brain, that only leaves Ravi who is still working on the memory enhancer.

Before his memory is completely gone, he begins writing letters to everyone he loves, which adorably included a tear-stained envelope to Ravi. The letters and his bittersweet moment with Liv (that Liv’s brain of the week kind of put a damper on) were nice to see as a lead up to Major’s final move before he thought he would permanently lose his memory…see his mom.

Meeting Major’s mom was great, even if we saw only a bit of it. Though, I had a few questions about his ability to have that conversation with his mom about why he chose his dad if the officer said he was wandering around and had not idea who he was or had anything on him.

Blaine’s a Lying Liar. After being suspicious for a while, Blaine finally confirms what we all knew: that he’s had his memory for a while. That means he’s been playing Peyton all of this time, lying about his memories and the effects of the cure. While I’m sure it’s a positive sign that even with his memories intact, he wanted to change for the better, there’s still the matter of him lying to not only Liv and Team Z but specifically to Peyton.

Liv’s Ready for the Cure, But… With Blaine’s explanation and an assurance that the cure won’t permanently wipe memories, Liv’s ready to take the cure and become human again finally. Those hopes take a stumble after she and Ravi find his office ransacked with the syringes of the cure missing. There’s a second shot at the cure when Ravi explains the final syringe is with Major. Once they find Major though, they soon find those hopes dashed as he tells them that he gave the syringe to someone else.

And that’s it for this week’s iZombie! What did you think of the episode? There has to be something going on with the cure, right? Who is ready for angry!Liv next week? If you enjoy the review of this episode and other product reviews visit HotRate site online.


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