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iZombie – Recap & Review – Liv and Let Clive

photo: the cw
photo: the cw

Liv and Let Clive

Original Air Date: Apr 7, 2015

Brianna – Associate Editor

The death of a gang member leads Liv and Clive down some new partner territory that brings up the rookie homicide detective’s past and some tough questions along with it. All the while, we get a look inside Blaine’s brain delivery service, and in some (sort of) non-zombie related developments things continue to be slightly strained between Major and Liv.

The brain of the week made Liv take a turn for the paranoid as the newest victim, Sammy Wong, a gang member is up on the slab. The paranoia inevitably seeps into all aspects of her life including her strained relationship with Major to her neighbors and of course, her partnership with Babineaux.

She begins to doubt what side he’s really on after she gets her visions from Sammy’s brain and spots Clive beating a man up and offering a warning. While this brings up questions about his time in Vice and exactly how deep he went, Liv goes to the sources, both in the department and the Blue Cobras, the Asian gang that Sammy was a part of. Liv hilariously does her best impression of a ditz (thus bringing back a few fond memories of Veronica Mars), as she and Ravi check out a video store that’s connected and come up face-to-face with A.J., the man who turned out to be responsible for Sammy’s murder and the man who Liv unleashed her kick-ass zombie rage on this week in a well done fight scene.

Though she went in looking for answers, it was only when she went to Babineaux that she got the real answers and while they may have not been as neat as she had hoped, we got some insight into his darker time with Vice and just how big of a move his re-assignment to homicide was.

As Liv attempts to extend an olive branch to Major with some fancy coffee after that really awkward moment only to come up another one as she meets Major’s friend, who just so happened to be wearing nothing but a UW t-shirt and using her favorite morning coffee mug. With her paranoia in full swing, thanks to Sammy, she cajoles Ravi into asking to be Major’s new roommate. Something that ends up working out really well, as the pair find that they have bonded over Diablo (of all games). With the move in, Ravi confronts Liv and explains to her that Major knows why she did what she did, even if she’s denying it.

While we got a look at Liv’s world, we also got a look into Blaine’s world and brain operation also gives us more of a glimpse into what he’s doing with his newly turned girlfriend, Jackie, and the brain peddling ring he’s got going, featuring the requisite meathead lackeys and a test of loyalty, that Jackie passes.

Here are a few of my favorite lines of the hour:

“I could take out Batman with a spiral notebook and a student ID card.” Liv making me very curious about exactly what that would look like.

“You are who you eat, right?” Ravi, who gave us a few really funny and incited a few thoughtful moments throughout the hour and this was just one of them.

“Don’t startle them. They’re thinking.” Blaine’s patronizing tone towards his lackeys was really entertaining to watch.

I’m aware that “I know kung fu” is a line that could be used in a regular sentence but immediately stirred up Chuck feelings. I mean, it’s not really similar but if you squint Liv’s abilities and the Intersect are sort of similar, right?

So, what did you think of the episode? Did you like the little bit of background we got on Babineaux? Is anyone else with me on the “I know kung fu” line? How about the Major/Ravi story?

Next week: “Flight of the Living Dead”

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