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iZombie – Recap & Review – Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1

Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1

Original Air Date: June 20, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

Stories are tying together in the penultimate iZombie! Everyone’s getting closer to getting answers to the big questions including who was behind Weckler’s death and while Team Z are making those connections separately, the investigation into this week’s victim offered a major lead in a solid and entertaining hour.

Katty Kupps is found murdered in an alley. It’s up to Liv, Clive, and Ravi to figure out what she was up to on behalf of the CDC and who was the killer, though Ravi is a little skeptical about how much truth is behind the CDC’s purpose for investigation and how much they are withholding from them.

Liv on Katty’s brain makes for a few hilariously awkward moments with Ravi, who steps in to help with interviews during the investigation. The comedy doesn’t take away the frustration of the moment during their first interview, where the peak of ignorance blatantly plays out in the older woman’s answers about her flight seat partner. The next scene is wonderfully juxtaposed with the man himself bouncing his child in a carrier further emphasizing the woman’s ignorance and hateful thinking.

While the trio is looking into Katty’s murder, Peyton’s dealing with the Weckler investigation and figuring out what to do with the theory that Barracus is behind the murder and the zombification of Weckler’s daughter. We soon find out though that it’s possible that it’s not Barracus behind the murder but Fillmore Graves as Clive follows a lead back to Tatum’s friend’s house to find one of the execs from F-G.

Liv’s overcome by a desire to spend time at the hotel bar Katty frequented throughout the hour. She soon finds out that she was there not only to follow leads for her investigation but also for the men she encountered at the bar, which becomes a big problem for Liv considering she’s with Justin. Liv tries to fight the desire and succeeds most of the time…until Chase turns up at the bar. They get closer and closer throughout the night culminating in a steamy moment in Chase’s hotel room. It’s in the aftermath and Liv’s guilt that we find yet another suspicious tie back to F-G as she finds a cocktail napkin with Katty’s name and room number on it.

Elsewhere, Major’s dealing with being fired by Chase and Filmore-Graves after he discovers that he is human and Natalie’s return to Seattle. The reunion leads to Natalie’s offer to go back to her place in Positano together. The trouble with any potential happiness for Major is that it is immediately followed by a catch or an abrupt end to the possibility of happiness. And of course, thanks to the explosive end to the hour provides that possible abrupt end.

While Major’s F-G friends come together for a proper send-off, Harley somehow tracks the house party down, and despite his zombification, he takes the horrifically extreme route to get rid of the object of his hate (including himself).

So, did Chase kill Katty? How involved was Fillmore-Graves in the Weckler murder? What happens now that the house party blew up? How much closer to Discovery Day are we?

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