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iZombie – Recap & Review – Looking For Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2

Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2

Original Air Date: June 27, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

And just like that, we have come to the end of another season of iZombie. And in classic iZombie fashion, the finale not only answered many of its questions it set up but also managed to completely catch viewers off guard and lead Team Z into uncharted territory with different stakes and questions about where the show goes from the final scene.

On the heels of the explosion that killed most of Major and Justin’s team as well as Natalie, the pair show up much to Liv’s relief. That relief is really on short-lived though as Liv comes clean to Justin about sleeping with Chase Graves. Telling the truth goes about as badly as you would expect, considering “I was on brains and I couldn’t fight it” is not a great defense to essentially cheating, causing the pair to break up.

She doesn’t take much time to dwell considering that there’s still the issue of finding Katty’s killer, who she now believes may be Chase. Seeing Liv explain the how and the why behind her reasoning was entertaining, especially when it came to seeing Clive and Ravi’s expressions. Liv tries breaking into Chase’s place to get to his dog’s collar to see if Team Z’s theory that Chase was responsible for the Aleutian Flu outbreak that Katty came to Seattle to investigate was right.  Of course, things don’t go as planned and Chase catches her…as she fell into the pool and the dog alerted his owner to her presence. Clive and Liv soon find out that Chase is not the guy they are looking for. Rather it was another F-G higher up, Carey Gold, that is responsible for the Aleutian Flu outbreak, Katty’s murder, and ultimately what unfurls as a result of her damaging thinking when it comes to zombies and humans.  

Chase and Carey’s confrontation dropped more than a few shocking bombs as she explained that the idea of an island was flawed. That the only way to ensure zombie survival was to go ahead with Plan B. I never thought I would say this, but it was satisfying to see how wrong I was when it came to the twist and that was a sentiment I carried throughout the rest of the hour.

Elsewhere, Blaine’s business proposition to become Fillmore Graves’ brain supplier falls flat as Chase just turns him down. The troubles don’t stop there for Blaine though as he finds out that the shipment he was waiting for was busted by federal agents. Who might one of those agents have been? None other than Dale Bozzio!  

She may be back, but the rift between her and Clive continues as she comes in with one of Blaine’s guys that she caught at the docks as they busted up the shipment of brains that Blaine was waiting for. It turns out that Blaine’s guy was one of Clive’s CI and the connections keep coming as Bozzio’s draws it out for him. She not only connected the CI to Clive but to Major, who was his case worker, and to Shady Plots as it was the one call he placed after he was arrested. With the dots connected, Clive does the one thing that is certainly the least expected option…tell Dale the truth. Telling the truth, surprisingly, doesn’t have dire consequences for Clive as Dale takes the snarkier route when it comes to the news.

Back to the impending outbreak and investigation, Liv ends up back at Carey’s house to look into her daughter, who appeared in Liv’s vision. That Childish Gambino song choice was amazing and the perfect quiet moment to lead into a nerve-wracking moment where Liv discovers what exactly the other faction of zombies’ plans were, to taint the vaccines, heightening the tension.

What added to the new reality that the characters would be facing was how the final act played out. Seeing Liv get to Johnny Frost, who had already been vaccinated and saw her convince him to give the audience the truth—a truth that they had been hiding for three seasons—about what many are becoming and seeing the eerie FG video featuring Chase, actually gave it a strangely real feel to the situation. It leaves so many questions about where Seattle is heading into season four and what this means to the zombies and humans living in the city.

The final scene between Liv and Ravi is what stands out and what feels like will change so much. Ravi’s working on a new potential zombie vaccine. However, without any volunteers, at the moment he makes a request that leads to a quiet, emotional moment between him and Liv…make him a zombie. Of all the big moments in the hour, this one stood out so much for me and meant so much, especially seeing her scratch him.

So, that’s it for this season! What did you think of the finale? Do you think this will land the show closer to post-apocalyptic series territory? What about that final Liv/Ravi scene? Anyone else need to sit down with the finale for a bit?



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