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iZombie – Recap & Review – Zombie Knows Best

Zombie Knows Best

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

iZombie continues its third season with another fun hour that balanced the funny, the case of the week, and a look into Clive’s life outside of work and the team as a result of the heartbreaking murders last week.

Here are some of the highlights of this week’s episode.

The Case of the Week.

The case of the week involves the deaths of a 50-year-old father and his 15-year-old daughter in an unusual car accident. Major and Liv take on the brains of the father and daughter in the hopes of figuring out who did it. Usually, the brains of the week fall by the wayside when it comes to the focus of the episode.

But the brains they took on and the case itself added to the episode, especially seeing Major on Sydney Chen’s 15-year-old brain. The product was some memorable and funny moments, from seeing him talking Ravi through his Peyton issues to that locker room moment at Fillmore-Graves.

The case itself, however, wasn’t so much funny as it was slightly disturbing at every discovery Clive and Liv made throughout the hour, especially with the information about Sydney’s friend, her friend’s stepfather and mother.

More About Clive.

The investigation into Wally and his family’s deaths continues as we learn more about how he came to meet Wally and his mother and how they became so important to him. It was great to see Clive’s story developed outside of the team and the police department. Seeing Clive’s history with Wally and Anna through a series of interestingly edited flashbacks was bittersweet as we saw him not only help Anna with her abusive husband but also get closer to Wally. It’s through those flashbacks that it’s revealed they lost touch once he went deep undercover.

D-Day is Drawing Near.  

Clive’s story and the investigation into Wally and Anna’s murders lead the team back to that talk show that started the conspiracy talk in the premiere. What they discover is that one of the calls into the show came from the victims’ neighbor who seems to be convinced that they were zombies but with no clear indicator as to who shot them. Vivian is less than pleased about what Team Z’s investigation brings and notes that their prediction of when the humans would be coming for them was off as all it took was 22 months (a period of time Clive also mentioned when he was talking to Cavanaugh, coincidentally).

So, that’s it for the episode! What did you think of “Zombie Knows Best”? How was Liv on dad brain and Major on teenage girl brain? Any guesses as to what is going on with Fillmore-Graves and the investigation?

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