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‘iZombie’ Season Two DVD Review

After a strong second season, iZombie is out on DVD!

iZombie season two saw some big moves for the core cast of characters as the Meat Cute massacre and the Chaos Killer investigation led Clive to make a really big discovery. The zombie series’ sophomore season also saw Major dealing with his job at Max Rager and his eventual undead lifestyle change after working through the fact that his ex-fiancé was a zombie. Blaine also dealt with his human side in season two and developed an interesting connection to Peyton, who eventually came around to Liv and what they are all trying to do.

The final moments also left fans with an ominous look at things that might be heading Seattle’s way in season three.

The special features on the DVD were par for the course for DC television shows and included deleted scenes for certain episodes and the iZombie 2015 Comic-Con panel. The fact that it’s becoming common to include Comic-Con panels has been a really great opportunity for fans that don’t get to go to the annual nerd gathering to get a (not so shaky) look at the show’s panel.

The iZombie panel featured the core cast as well as series creators Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright and the fun, witty responses you’d expect from the writers and cast.

The deleted scenes are always fun to watch to get a glimpse at what producers decided to cut and keep, where they ultimately headed with the story, and whether or not the deleted scenes were rightfully cut.

My only complaint is that the gag reel is missing. But overall a fun way to experience the show’s second season and the first season’s panel. It’s also a solid way to feed the need to binge and continue re-watches until the show returns for its third season.

Check out iZombie season two on Digital HD and DVD on July 12 (today)!

photo: the cw
photo: the cw

iZombie returns for its third season in the midseason on the CW.

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