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Law & Order – Recap & Review – For The Defense

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Law & Order
For The Defense

Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2009

Brittany Frederick – Staff Writer

For once, we open in court, except we’re listening to an ADA that looks like he’s twelve and likes to yell a lot. Seriously, I gave a better performance in Mock Trial in my sophomore year of high school. Though I do like the phrase “lethal stupidity.”

This doesn’t get any better. The prosecution witness, Maggie Hayes, has just been gunned down in a drive-by and is this week’s Obligatory Dead Body.

Suspicion immediately goes to her defendant ex, whom she was testifying against and who threatened her after he was arrested. They can’t make it stick, so he’s out. However, it turns out that she was working for a place that supposedly exports cars, but in reality is tied to the mafia.

Hotel surveillance footage turns up tapes of the dead woman and her co-worker Paige who claimed that she didn’t know where she was…except they’re quite obviously a couple. She’s obviously a witness.

Later, the car is tracked via the company’s export paperwork to someplace in New York, and the NYPD gets a hold of it. All they have to do is put her boss in the car with the murder weapon, and they need Maggie’s girlfriend Paige to prove it. Paige, under pressure from Lupo and Bernard, admits that she let slip to her boss where Maggie was. No sooner has she said that, than a lawyer she didn’t send for turns up to represent her – the same idiot lawyer from the two-parter last week. I’m going to hate this episode already.

Mafia Boss Guy gets arrested. Idiot Lawyer hits on Connie. This makes Mike make his angry face. I’m convinced Mike is darn protective of Connie, if not nursing a little crush, which actually for once doesn’t bother me. (Alana De La Garza thinks they have a thing.) Meanwhile, Lupo and Bernard are on protective custody duty. They fail at this as the chick opens the door for “room service” anyway and shooting erupts. Kevin Bernard is all kinds of wicked with a gun, people.

However, this scares her out of testifying, and spooks Connie who happened to be there at the time. Mike is all sorts of worried. He also wants to know who keeps leaking the locations of witnesses. They follow the paper to Idiot Lawyer, and immediately move to find out what the hell he’s up to. Of course, he’s conveniently in the hallway to badger them and make Mike look utterly pissed. Mike is more pissed because Idiot Lawyer wants to blackmail them by saying if he’s exposed, all of his convictions as an ADA woud be overturned.

Mike gets more pissed (if that was possible) when, in trying to nail Idiot Lawyer for just one of these arranged murders, he finds out Connie accidentally made the call that tipped off the hitman. Now Cutter has a big chip on his shoulder and let’s not forget, the man has a baseball bat in his office. He sets off to find someone who will roll on Idiot Lawyer, and goes and gets him arrested in open court.

While they can’t get the indictments to stick for the two earlier crimes, Connie isn’t willing to give up so easily. She throws herself on the stake by naming herself as a co-conspirator to the earliest crime, which makes Mike insane. He’s not helped by Idiot Lawyer claiming he had a relationship with Connie, and Mike goes to vent his OMGWTF at Jack, who just reminds him that he married two of his assistants and was involved with Claire Kincaid. Jack just does not believe Mike doesn’t have feelings for Connie. It’s a lot bolder than the sly implications of the Jack-Claire relationship we got years ago. Mike and Connie may not be involved, and probably shouldn’t ever be, but it’s a discussion out in the open and it’s obvious that Connie is at least someone Mike has bonded with.

As if we needed more proof of that, Mike and Connie are prepping for the case, and end up discussing her relationship with Idiot Lawyer. He tells her that she’s not that stupid, and she suggests they get back to work (possibly before she beats him with the bat). Idiot Lawyer then turns up to antagonize Connie the next day, by taunting her with the idea that Mike has a thing for her.

All of this is just build-up for Connie’s testimony against Idiot Lawyer. She performs perfectly until his defense attorney of course brings out that she slept with him, and says she’s just trying to get even. Connie fires right back by saying she’d forgotten all about it, and Mike just smirks to himself. He manipulates Idiot Lawyer’s feelings for Connie by suggesting that Connie ought to be staked along with him for the earlier crime, and Idiot Lawyer says he doesn’t murder witnesses, which opens the door for him to be hit with all three crimes.

He tries to plead out, but they tape what he says and take it to the actual killer, who then agrees to roll on Idiot Lawyer. It all gets wrapped up nicely, except for the predicted eight billion appeals. Jack asks if Mike and Connie will have a problem working together for a long time, and they just look at each other really awkwardly. Once again, their relationship starts to get more and more complicated, and one wonders where it all might end up. I’m appreciating the layers of the characters, and how we’re seeing a consistency in canon instead of just stand-alone stories that don’t impact the others. This may be one of the best seasons of Law & Order in years, and it’s a shame that it may be the last.

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