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Law & Order SVU – Recap & Review – Criminal Stories

photo: nbc
photo: nbc
Law & Order SVU
Criminal Stories

Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2014

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

Olivia is greeted in the elevator by what sounds like good news- a big-time reporter wants to do a piece on the squad. Liv is more than a bit suspicious about Jimmy’s motives, only to be surprised by the man himself standing around, looking for her.

He starts pestering her right away, and, knowing she can’t really avoid the story, she tells the others not to hide anything from him. The two go out to dinner and he tries to be friendly and casual. Olivia’s only half buying it. Then, he follows her on a case.

A Muslim girl, Heba, reports having been raped and racially taunted by two white men- something Jimmy immediately latches onto. The squad tries to downplay the circumstances, but Heba’s family is angry. She describes her attack and the taunts used against her religion. Unfortunately, she probably also won’t be able to recognize the guys who jumped her.

Nick is sure there must be some witnesses, and goes to track some of them down with Fin, Jimmy still giving them trouble. That’s going to be a problem, especially when video evidence suggests Heba lied about where she was assaulted. When confronted with this, she accuses the detectives of trying to cover up the hate crime element, even though they still believe her. Her mother throws them out of their house.

Barba comes into the unit the next day with considerably worse news- a front-page story, written by Jimmy, entitled “HOAX” (in all capital letters). He’s taken her omission of details as proof the whole thing was a lie. He believes she was trying to seek revenge against an unprosecuted hate crime against her father. He also refuses to give any information about his supposed sources.

We try talking to Heba’s father and brother again. They’re belligerent until shown the evidence of where Heba really was, and then we move onto a lead following the benefit she attended before the rape. Nick and Fin suddenly now believe she was attacked by her brother’s boss in his office. Liv encourages them to keep looking, only to see the pot-stirring reverend from an earlier episode insulting the NYPD and fighting with Jimmy on TV.

Melinda uses evidence Fin picked up to show that Heba was indeed attacked in the office.
The detectives enter it again to find the boss has changed his office décor, but the source of the evidence, the old carpet, is still usable. Heba, backed by the reverend, still doesn’t want to go on the stand, and Olivia sympathizes. Then Barba suggests Jimmy could have been in the know with the perpetrator’s family. Olivia confronts him, but angrily refutes being a sellout and refuses to clear Heba’s name.

Jimmy goes on TV the next day to sell his angle. In court, the detectives contend with a defense that maintains Heba is just a liar. On the bright side, she does decide to take the stand herself. She tells the jury about what happened to her in detail. Still, the lawyer tears into her, saying she’s just good at lying. Jimmy, among others, watches all this take place from the audience.

After court, he stands behind his headline, even though he now believes Heba was raped. Olivia throws his pride back in his face and stalks away. The next day, a follow-up story is printed, still pointing fingers at the police but admitting the rape occurred. A mistrial is declared, and the suspects made deals in an agreement with Heba. Later, Jimmy and Liv have a drink together. He tells her he’s leaving his current job- but not before smearing the suspects’ names all over the internet.

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