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Legends of Tomorrow – Quick Recap – Out of Time

Legends of Tomorrow
Out of Time

Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2016

Brianna – Managing Editor

Along with Arrow, I’ll also be recapping Legends of Tomorrow this season!

Rip and the Legends are back and setting the stage for the show’s sophomore season, including introductions to new characters, the potential big bads, oh and the Justice Society of America.

Here are a few highlights from tonight’s premiere:

Oliver Queen makes an appearance after Dr. Nate Heywood comes to the Mayor of Star City to tell him that the Legends are in trouble. Oh and that he knows he’s the Green Arrow. Not a smart way to get Oliver to talk, honestly. But after further explaining what he’s found while looking through history, Oliver decides to help Nate see where they are. Though, what they find is Mick in stasis and a story about how the Legends helped prevent the atomic bomb from going off in New York in 1942 after finding some sort of time earthquake emanating from that point in time.

Seeing Mick and Nate going through time to find the team was really entertaining, with each time period bringing really funny moments from each of the characters. From Jax and Stein’s medieval times as jesters with “magic mirrors” aka cell phones to Sara’s time during the witch trials and insisting that the people claim she corrupted were “happily corrupted,” they all added a bit of comedy to the hour.

Sara’s dealing with the fallout of her sister’s death, it seems. And with her processing comes a fair amount of secrecy which Ray is suspicious about. The team’s mission to 1942 to save Albert Einstein from getting kidnapped leads to Darhk’s reappearance as well as a clue into this week’s investigation. Of course, Darhk’s got a connection to the Germans and the bomb that leads to the first (and probably not the last) face-off between Sara and the man.

With the team in imminent danger of being obliterated by the A-bomb that Darhk sends their way when the Legends get too close, Rip makes the sacrifice and sends them away and puts Rory in a stasis, saving New York City and his team.

The beginnings of the Legion of Doom come into view in the premiere as we see that while Darhk is in the U-boat, preparing to send the bomb in the direction of New York City and the Legends, that he is working with Eobard Thawne a.k.a. Reverse Flash.

The premiere also gave us an introduction to the Justice Society of America! Despite Rex Tyler’s (Patrick J. Adams) warning about 1942 New York City, the Legends still go back. And while they save the city, they come face to face with the JSA who are not as friendly to the unusual group of people ready to leave their time.

So, what did you think of the Legends of Tomorrow premiere? How will the JSA react once they find out what the Legends are doing?

Next Week we get the full “Justice Society of America” introduction.

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