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Leverage – Recap & Review – The 15 Minutes Job

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The 15 Minutes Job

Original Air Date: Jul 10, 2010

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

If someone where to take down Nate, how would they do it? In this episode, which quickly discounts the obvious answer of booze, it’s fame that appears to be Nate’s Achilles heel.

An old friend of Nate’s comes to him with a problem. A reformed alcoholic, someone has framed him with a picture obviously enjoying a drink and a dame. But it never happened.

Turns out it’s the work professional career assassin Reed Rockwell. His Photoshop skills are unparalleled. So how can the team destroy him? By taking this “man in the shadows” into the daylight and making him famous. But every little ploy they try to make him a hero — Parker getting her purse snatched, Hardison choking on a hotdog – meets with Rockwell’s indifference.

So they’re forced to literally push him into the spotlight. Hardison puts on a mask to rob a coffee shop Rockwell frequents and Elliot throws the man into Hardison – then puts the video on YouTube. Suddenly, Rockwell’s a hero and liking it. Nate steps in as a media consultant who promises Rockwell he can turn his 15 minutes of fame into a goldmine. The team suggest that Nate would also like this type of hero-worship.

Soon they discover the skeleton rattling in Rockwell’s closet – as a young man, he drove drunk and killed one of his passengers. Due to some primitive Photoshopping, he made it look as if he wasn’t driving, which sent another man to prison. The gang blackmail him, but it’s all to get footage of him in another car crash and this time they use the digital magic to frame him.

It’s a fun “Gotcha!” But just as all looks well, Nate gets a call from this year’s Big Bad, the guy who put the bug in their HQ. Turns out he wants the team to work for him—or else. Sounds like they’re in trouble again.

Are you worried more that Nate is drinking more or that there seems to be a riff developing between Nate and Elliot? Is Parker right that puppet Yoda tops the digital Jedi master? Is the new bad guy going to get the better of our favorite thieves? Give us your TwoCents…

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