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Lie to Me – Recap & Review – Pied Piper

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Lie to Me
Pied Piper

Original Air Date – Aug 16, 2010

Anne – TwoCents Reviewer

Welcome back, folks! I missed not getting to see an episode last week. This episode is absolutely the best I’ve seen all summer. Tim Roth really gets to stretch his acting chops. We also have the return of Jennifer Beal as Cal’s ex-wife, and Emily’s mother, Zoe. This episode is about their first case working together 17 years ago.

Cal Lightman may actually have been wrong!

We open on the execution of a criminal named Jason Wilkie. He is praying in his cell and is escorted down the green mile. He had been convicted 17 years prior for killing an 8-year-old boy named Rex Sheridan. Present for the viewing are the boy’s uncle and his wife and Zoe and Cal. They were responsible for putting Jason behind bars. As Jason gives his final words, about how the Pied Piper did it, Cal realizes he might be innocent. He tries to stop the execution, but he’s too late.

Cal wants to pursue this even though Zoe tells him to let it go. He asks for all her files. Reynolds calls Cal and Gillian to the FBI. The uncle is getting the same phone calls that they received when Rex went missing. It’s the voice of a child who speaks in Nursery Rhymes. So, obviously Cal was right and Wilkie wasn’t alone. He questions the father and acts crazy to get the truth out of him. He just had to rule him out, but i think he’s a little shady. They put a surveillance system on the house so they can monitor the phone calls. The only child not accounted for is Oliver, the oldest. Later, it’s confirmed that he is indeed missing.

The last person to see him was a photographer. Cal and Ben confront him and it turns out he’s really just a pervert who uses his job to get pictures of naked men. He hit on Oliver and Oliver hit him in the shin with a golf club and left. The authorities find a car abandoned on the side of the road with Oliver’s letter jacket in it.

Back at the office, Loker is talking about how the company is done because of Cal’s reputation being harmed. He’s already lined up another job. Kevin Wilkie shows up and threatens to sue Cal and the authorities for killing his innocent brother.

While watching one of Wilkie’s old interviews, Cal realizes that he had a girlfriend named Beth, whom Wilkie confided in. But when he tells Ben and the rest of the gang, he gets booted off the case because he’s too close and is starting to sound crazy. Cal says that’s just what he wanted to hear.

Beth had admitted herself to a psychiatric hospital the day after Wilkie was executed. Cal talked the doctor at the hospital into admitting him for a 72 hour threat watch, because he’s threatening Ben, without using his name. Let’s just say that Tim Roth does crazy very well. He looks like the one who jumped over the cuckoo nest! He finds Beth and gets her to talk. She admitted herself to the facility because the day after Wilkie died, a friend of his called her and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone about him. Wilkie called him the Pied Piper. They went to music camp together as kids.

Cal tried to talk the doctor into letting him out, he had just been drunk. In a hilarious scene, he tries to leave the open door and two nurses bring him back around the corner in their arms. He calls Zoe and she refuses to help him unless he reveals how he’s really feeling. He does, but in his very own “Cal” way. He goes and tells the gang that the Pied Piper is actually a person. He tells Ben that he’s not giving up on this one.

Meanwhile, Ria and Loker go to see Kevin Wilkie to sweet talk him into not suing Cal and the company. They give him pastries and tell him that Cal did try to stop the execution and that they were close to finding out the truth. As they rise to leave, Torres gives him her personal number if he needs to talk. He thanks them and says he’ll hold off on the suit until he sees what Cal finds.

Cal goes back to his office and Emily is waiting for him. She’s figured out that Zoe was pregnant before they got married. She wonders if they went through 17 miserable years just because of her. He tells her that he loved her mother and not all 17 years were miserable. She leaves happy. A bit later, Cal gets a call from the Pied Piper. He wonders where Emily is. Cal runs Zoe’s and Emily isn’t there. They start freaking out, but Emily walks in with her friend. Freaked out, Cal and Zoe start looking through the old case files. They find old pictures of Jason and Kevin as kids, along with their older brother, Will, who died of pneumonia as a child. They notice that Kevin seems to be the strongest of the three boys. They also find a picture of him playing the clarinet! Kevin is the Pied Piper! I really thought it might be Oliver’s dad. I love it when I’m wrong about these shows.

The next day, they have it all figured out. Turns out that Rex Sheridan’s family bought the land that a diner was on. Mr. Wilkie worked at that diner and lost his job. So when Will got sick, they didn’t have the money to go to the doctor, so he died. The Wilkie brothers held the Sheridan family responsible. Kevin kidnapped and tortured the boy and then made Jason kill him. They went after Kevin, but he’d already fled because of Torres tipping him off. They traced his GPS to an abandoned construction site. Cal found a wall that didn’t belong and found Oliver inside. He was weak, but still alive. Before Cal could get him out, Kevin Wilkie attacked him from behind. He beat Cal up pretty good before Ben came in and saved him.

Zoe and Emily nursed Cal’s wounds. Emily said she figured out a solution to them getting confused about which friend is picking her up where. Get her a car! They leave to happily get dinner and Cal tells her, “You wish!”

I just think this was a great episode. Very creepy and unpredictable. The phone calls were just chilling. Cal wasn’t wrong at all. There was just an accomplice they weren’t aware of. Next week’s episode looks even better, so don’t miss it! I’ll be back here to talk about it. Please leave your comments below, I love to hear your two cents!

Next week: Exposed

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