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Lost – Recap & Review – Dr. Linus

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Dr. Linus

Original Air Date: Mar 10, 2010

Laura Kelley – Associate Staff Writer

As soon as I read the title for this week’s episode, I knew it was going to be a good episode. All season I’ve been complaining that we got to see way too little Ben, and this week delivered the (adorable, sweater vest-clad) goods.

The episode began with Ben running through the jungle, somehow having forgotten that badasses never run. They just walk slowly until people get killed.

Ben suggests to the Temple People that they go to the beach, and everyone agrees. In LA, Ben teaches his class about Napoleon’s exile on Elba, saying that “without his power, it was all meaningless. He might as well have been dead,” giving us a bit of a window into Island Ben’s psyche. In my notes at this point, it literally just says, “omg sweater vest omg,” so interpret that as you like. The principal makes Ben take over detention, and we learn that Ben labels his sushi in the fridge. Meanwhile, I am still experiencing medical side effects from that cute overload. Ben tells the science teacher he refuses to give up on the students, and Locke says Ben should be principal. I sense a bromance coming on!

Alana, who I really wish would wear a name tag, gets Miles to find out how Jacob died. Miles tells her that Ben did it, which Ben denies. Alana says Jacob was like a father to her (say it with me: oh goody, daddy issues) and Miles lets out a wonderfully sarcastic “uh-oh.” The next morning, everyone makes it to the beach, and they all shun Ben.

In LA, Dr. Ben Linus proves he’s the sweetest guy ever by making his sick dad a TV dinner and taking care of him. Ben thinks he’s a loser, and his father wonders what their lives would have been like if they’d stayed on the island. Meanwhile, I became confused. Alex knocks on the door and it turns out she’s a student in his history club. Hopefully she won’t get shot. At tutoring, Alex confides to Ben that the principal is having an affair with the nurse, and Ben sees a chance to get his job. He gets the science teacher to hack her email, and the teacher says “you really had me fooled with that sweater vest.” He fooled us all!

Alana tells Sun she needs to find Jun, because she’s supposed to protect them since they are both candidates. There are only six candidates left. Frank tells Ben he was meant to be flying the plane. Hurley, meanwhile, tries to stall Jack from going to the temple, and Alpert shows up, leading them to the Black Rock.

Alana chains Ben up and forces him to dig his own grave. Ben tries to make Miles unlock him, but Miles refuses, telling him that Jacob was hoping he wasn’t wrong about him. Hurley wins at life by asking Alpert if he’s a cyborg or a vampire because he never ages. Of course he’s not a vampire, do you see sparkling happening?

At the Black Rock, Alpert tells Hurley not to believe anything Jacob said, and says he has to die. He asks Jack to light a fuse of dynamite because he can’t kill himself, and tells them he can’t die because Jacob gave him a gift that turned out to be a curse. Hurley runs, and Jack says that they won’t die because Jacob brought him here for a reason. He’s right, and the fuse goes out. Not!Locke shows up and sets Ben free, saying he wants him to take care of the island after everyone leaves.

Ben runs, Alana chases him, and he beats her to a gun. Ben tells her he knows how she feels, and that he killed Jacob because of Alex’s death, which Jacob didn’t care about. Ben wants to go to Locke, “the only one who’ll have me,” but Alana says she’ll have him. Michael Emerson was so incredible in this scene. He conveyed Ben’s conflicting feelings and motivations so well without making his transformation hard to believe. It was the best scene of the night.
Ben tries to blackmail the principal, but the principal says that he’ll destroy Alex’s future if Ben goes through with exposing him. But Ben chooses Alex over power, and gives the science teacher a better parking space.

On the island, Ben follows Alana instead of Locke, and even helps Sun with a tarp. Hurley, Jack, and Alpert arrive at the beach and all seems well. But a submarine is quickly approaching, carrying none other than Charles Widmore! I didn’t think he’d be brought into the season so fast, but I’m glad that Lost is moving at something other than last season’s glacial pace. This was both the season’s most moving episode as well as its best twist ending, and I’m looking forward to next week. What did you think? Leave your two cents in the comments!

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