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Mad Men – Recap & Review – Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency

photo: amc
photo: amc

Mad Men
Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency

Original Air Date: Sept 20, 2009

Brittany Duke

I realize I’m bringing this to you late my little secretaries, but for good reason! I was busy watching the Emmy’s and rooting our writers and show to some awards. Not only did Matt Weiner and Kater Gorden win for writing the episode ‘Meditations in an Emergency’, the show also won over all for best drama! Congrats to the cast and crew, and everyone involved. Now, let’s get busy, shall we?

Sally is terrified baby Gene. Like, totally thinks he’s possessed, has bad dreams, the whole nine yards. Betty tries to give Sally a gift from ‘Gene’, a Barbie doll, but the thing ends up flung out of the second story window in some bushes. Don and Betty argue about it a little, with Don of the position that they should change the baby’s name to something else. Betty says it’s just him hating the name and that he needs to get over it. In the end, Don holds the baby and Sally both, telling Sally that they don’t know who the baby is yet or what he will become, which is a wonderful thing. Those are such heavy words coming from you, Mr. Draper.

The British are coming! That was a lame joke, I apologize, but anyway, the BOL’s boss from London comes, and a new hierarchy is created with BOL getting the boot to Bombay. BOL is not pleased since he just got his family settled in the states, but he has no choice apparently. A man named Guy will be taking over, but only as long as he can stand on his own two feet. Wouldn’t it be perfect then that during a party to celebrate BOL leaving and Joan’s last day at Sterling Cooper, Lois rides a John Deere mower right over Guy’s foot? Apparently, you need both feet to talk advertising, so BOL gets to stay at Sterling Cooper indefinitely.

Don had hopes of moving his family to London which excited Betty only because she could get a real life Mary Poppins. Oh, and a pram – don’t forget the pram. That’s not going to happen he finds out, and after hanging around the party as long as he possibly can stand it, he’s called to a meeting with Conrad Hilton, Paris Hilton’s…great grandfather? I think Connie is too old to be her grandfather. And yes, you read right – this is the same Connie that Don met back at Roger’s get together at the country club. Don’s a little shocked, but when Connie asks for some free ad advice, Don gives it in his ever so cryptic way.

Poor Joan. Poor, poor Joan. Of course her husband doesn’t get the position at the hospital that he wants, and of course she’s already quit her job, and OF COURSE he tells her she’s going to have to keep working. During the party that Guy throws just before the mower accident, Joan bursts into tears while he toasts her and lets them all know that the whole thing was unnecessary. She’s also the hero when Guy’s foot gets run over, keeping him from bleeding to death. I’m pretty sure she has one of the most awesome lines of the night, telling Don “One day you’re on top of the world, and the next day some secretary is running you over with a lawn mower.”

So what did you think, fellow secretaries? Did you think the allegory was a little too heavy, or was it just right for you? I personally think that this is my favorite episode so far of the season, and hey, was that the frost thawing out from Betty a little towards Sally? Even when she was mad at Don, she visibly softened when Sally came into the room to apologize for waking baby Gene. Though, she did go tell Bobby to bang his head against the wall if he was bored. Only time will tell how Betty revamps her motherhood image! Make sure you leave me your Two Cents in the comments below!

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