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Mad Men – Recap & Review – The Suitcase

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Mad Men
The Suitcase

Original Air Date: Sep 5, 2010

Brittany D. – Staff Writer

With amazing precision, Mad Men has managed to prove exactly why it deserved to win best television drama last week at the Emmys. The show is truly at its best when we’re given character development, and today we saw that in full force with Don and Peggy.

The previouslies gave us Peggy in a fat suit after having had her baby, and immediately my mind went to: Finally! The Pete and Peggy confrontation scene we’ve all been waiting for! However…I think I’m about to be very disappointed. Let’s find out.

It’s Peggy’s birthday, so happy birthday! I’m sure it’ll go just great. Her birthday happens to be on the day of the Cassius Clay vs. Sonny Liston fight and everyone seems to be going to watch in one way or another. Not Don though, he’s working on the Samsonite account because he hates everything Peggy and her team presented to him. He ropes Peggy in to working late, even though her boyfriend is waiting at a restaurant for her, and even after she finds out that her family is waiting as a surprise, she still ends up working. She finally confronts Don about the way he took all the credit for the Glo-Coat ad and he tells her he took one idea and made it into a commercial – she gets paid to give him ideas and the money is his thanks. It’s a pretty good fight that ends with her crying in the bathroom. In her office though, she has nice flowers from…Duck who tells her on the phone that he wants to start an ad agency with her as Creative Director. He’s drunk though, so the offer is probably invalid. And then Mark breaks up with her because she blew off her dinner.

Don starts recording notes for Samsonite and needs a new tape. The one he grabs happens to have part of Roger’s transcription for his novel – ‘Sterling’s Gold’. He calls Peggy back to his office, already laughing, and they listen to Roger describe Mrs. Blankenship as a hellcat in bed, and that Cooper has no testicles. Don can’t stop laughing, and Peggy finally cracks enough to accept an invitation to go out to dinner. They brainstorm in a café about the ad, and then Don tells her he was in Korea, she tells him her father had a heart attack right in front of her, and he tells her his father was killed by a horse. And have I mentioned that I love the dynamic of this relationship? They push each other’s buttons and know how to come back from it. Anyway, they go to a bar where Don tells Peggy she’s cute as hell, and they bond a little more over how her mother things Don knocked her up. They head back to the office when Cassius Clay wins the fight.

The elevator ride up was a little too quick, and Peggy gets Don to the bathroom where he pukes his guts out. And then, who should happen to appear but Duck. He’s drunkenly looking for Peggy, but stops to try and take a crap on Roger’s couch. When he and Don see each other, Duck calls Peggy a whore and Don tries to take a swing at him, but they’re both drunk so it doesn’t work out so well. After getting Duck out of the building, Peggy comes back and Don asks her to make him another drink. He has to make a call to California: Anna has died, he knows it, but instead of making the call he falls asleep with his head on Peggy’s lap. In the middle of the night, he wakes up and sees Anna’s ghost, and as soon as he wakes up again in the morning, he calls. Stephanie confirms: Anna died and donated her body to science.

Peggy wakes up having listened to the conversation, and is there for Don again when he breaks down, saying that Anna was the only person who really knew who he was. After a long night, Peggy finally sleeps in her office, only to be woken up by the rest of creative. When she goes to Don’s office it’s ten in the morning, and he’s changed and looks nice and fresh. He’s come up with a Samsonite ad, and he tells her to go home, shower, and come back ready to work. But not before a lingering squeeze of their hands.

The only thing remotely related to Peggy and Pete, is Peggy running into a pregnant Trudy in the bathroom. So, while I am a little disappointed in that, the rest of the episode was so darn good that I can’t be mad! It was so amazing, the performances by Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss were astounding. She needs an Emmy nod! What did you think about this one? Leave me your Two Cents in the comments and I’ll see you here next week!

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