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Medium – Recap & Review – Psych

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Original Air Date: Jan 29, 2010

Rachel M – TwoCents Reviewer

For a change, Allison’s dreams show her a live person instead of a dead person. Some days it seems Allison is only skimming the surface of her abilities, is this the emergence of a new talent? Or is her mind just up to its usual tricks?

To start, we are introduced to parents of a 12 year old paranoid schizophrenic, who butchers a cat while the parents are talking to the psychologist. They all say that murder and torture of animals while young lead to serial killers and psychopaths, so yay! ::shiver::

Back home, Ariel rats Bridget out about a boy at school. By the way, I love Bridget. She has got all the quirk a girl will ever need and she rocks it, even though she’s only 12 or so. On to the case, presumably the same psycho girl from before is now a bit more grown up and has broken out of a secure psych facility. Keelin, repeats whatever people say, and murders people without concern. At fifteen, she murders the guy (her history teachers) who broke up with her, then slipped into a catatonic state, now she’s coming out of it but all she can do is parrot people. The therapist is not confident that she won’t kill anyone else, so Allison and Lee are on the prowl. Turns out Keelin is not the young cat killer, but Keelin’s roommate. Summer seems normal enough. Allison learns that Summer killed her parents at thirteen, shortly after Allison saw her in the dream. But tonight, Allison’s dream suggests that Summer’s brother commit the murders and framed Summer.

Allison goes to Summer to ask about the experience of killing her parents, and her brothers influence. Meanwhile Bridget is discovering boys, especially one nice boy in particular. Bridget asks Ariel for boy advice, which is exceptionally entertaining for Ariel and for us. Later, Ariel helps Bridget put on makeup for her date with the special boy. Joe is extra concerned “Hey, I’m a reformed boy myself and let me tell you something, if you’re not worried you oughta be.” Allison and Devalos talk about Summer’s case, and since Devalos handled the case personally, he can’t believe her claims that the brother had anything to do with it. Lee calls Allison to tell her that he is on Keelin’s trail, but that she had gone and killed the therapist from the psych jail/hospital. Tonight’s DuBoisTV shows that Summer’s brother is the real killer of the therapist. He has Keelin’s hand and hair to leave evidence behind. Chad is the real psycho.

Devalos is still skeptical about Allison’s dreams, especially as there is no evidence against Chad and a confession from Summer about the parents. When Allison visits Summer, she is pretty upset. Especially when Allison presses her about her brother. Bridget finds Marie’s notebook, full of professions of love for the boy. Bridget is understandably confused about her feelings. I gotta say though, Bridget looks very pretty, very grown up. As young as she is, make up and grown up cloths are a little too much, but brushed hair is nice change. Allison can’t get through to Summer, and then dreams about Summer confronting her brother, and stabbing him with a garden trowel. Which is exactly what happened.

Ariel proves to Bridget that she really does like boys, which is nice sub plot for the future. Allison is feeling extra special guilty about telling Summer about Chad and her subsequent murder of him. Tonight’s flashback shows us that Keelin parroted back Summer’s confessions. Summer had to learn to appear psychotic, to what purpose we’re not sure, but maybe to get an insanity plea. Allison pays a visit to Summer in jail, where Allison reveals the whole plan. The motive though was just greed and wanting her parents money. The evidence they needed is a buried Keelin in Summer’s garden, and Allison figured it all out.

I really liked this episode, Allison seemed to use the clues more effectively than she has in recent history. What do you think? Leave your TwoCents below!

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