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Meet The Staff…

Name: Jeff L
Title: Senior Citizen (Sr. Staff Writer)
Joined TheTwoCents: Sometime during the stone age? (Dec 2007)

Top 3 Favorite Shows Currently On TV: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Californication

Top 3 Favorite Shows of All Time: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Sports Night, Celebrity Poker Showdown.

My Favorite Television Memory Of All Time: Being alive for the entire run of great television programs such as Barney Miller, M*A*S*H, E.R., WKRP in Cincinnati and The Simpsons.

Bio: I’m a graphic designer by trade and a writer in my seemingly non-existent spare time. I live in Atlanta. You can find me on facebook, myspace (although not-so-much on the myspace anymore) and twitter.

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