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Meet The Staff…

Name: Patricia Morris Buckley
Title: Sr. Staff Writer
Joined TheTwoCents: September 2008

Top 3 Favorite Shows Currently On TV: Fringe, True Blood, Big Bang Theory

Top 3 Favorite Shows of All Time: Pushing Daisies, MASH, West Wing

My Favorite Television Memory Of All Time: As a kid in the ’70s, I tried recording MASH on an audio tape (this is WAY before videotapes), and when I played back the tape, all I heard was me laughing. I wish I still had that tape.

Bio:I’m an award-winning journalist who has been writing professionally for 28 years, including movie and theater reviews. I once had my own movie review show on local cable for eight years and even tried doing movie reviews on radio, but listeners complained about a 12-year-old kid doing reviews (yes, that’s high my voice is)! I’ve been married to a talented set designer/playwright for almost 20 years and we have a 15-year-old son and 11-year-old boy-girl twins. I enjoy reading, writing for kids and – of course – watching television!

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