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Meet The Staff…

Name: Caitlin
Title: Associate Staff Writer
Joined TheTwoCents: September 2008
Twitter: @Cait4TTC

Top 3 Favorite Shows Currently On TV: How I Met Your Mother, Psych, Modern Family

Top 3 Favorite Shows of All Time: Friends, Monk, Ugly Betty

My Favorite Television Memory Of All Time: Watching Obama win the 2008 presidential election in a crowded union hall.

Bio:I just graduated from college with a second bachelors’ degree and am staring down the barrel of finding an actual career- in Michigan, nonetheless. Thankfully, TV is a nice distraction from the applications and interviews. Through the years, I’ve become attached to my shows the way I become attached to good friends- caring about the details of character’s lives and being pulled completely into shocking plot twists, love, and angst. Renewal season puts my nerves on edge.

I’m also an internet addict, a Harry Potter fan crazy enough to show up at midnight premieres, and into all forms of theater. I love to travel- I’ve been to Greece and London on study abroad trips, as well as animals, swimming, ethnic food, margaritas and Cherry Coke. My plan for life is…well, hopefully I’ll come up with one eventually!

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