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Meet The Staff…

Name: KP
Title: Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Joined TheTwoCents: March 2007
Twitter Feed: @KPonTV
Facebook Page: KPonTV
Member: Broadcast Television Journalists Association

Top 3 Favorite Shows Currently On TV: The Flash, Nashville, The Big Bang Theory

Top 3 Favorite Shows of All Time: Sports Night, Friday Night Lights, The West Wing

My Favorite Television Memory Of All Time: Watching Cal Ripken break the All-Time Games Played Record on my living room couch with my Mom.

Yvette Nicole Brown, KP, Joel McHale

Bio: KP is a member of the Broadcast Television Journalism Association. He started TheTwoCents in March of 2007 with a few friends, writing our thoughts on different topics within the world of Pop Culture. Years later, we have a family of 30+ volunteer writers, focusing on television. He wants all of them to know that this site is nothing without them. KP also hosts the KPonTV Podcast, visits often on WPLR 99.1FM in CT to talk TV mostly tweets his thoughts on TV. He lives in the New York City area of the world.

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