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How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Bass Player Wanted

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
How I Met Your Mother
Bass Player Wanted

Original Air Date: Dec 16, 2013

Caitlin –Senior Staff Writer

Tonight, secrets come out, to the harm of pretty much everyone. More importantly, though, The Mother finally gets screen time worthy of a main character. Which must mean we’ll finally learn her name, right? …Yeah, don’t get your hopes up.

Remember when Marshall decided he was going to walk all the way to Farhampton for the wedding? Well, he’s trying it- hallucinating Bigfoot and all. It’s as fun a trip as you can imagine- but then The Mother shows up in a van to help him!

The gang, minus Marshall, is hanging out together, but eventually Lily and Robin are both left alone with a random guy who seems to start hitting on them, but claims that he’s actually part of the wedding. Neither of them has any idea who he is, however. He seems nice, but soon he tells Lily that Robin is siding against her in the whole Italy/judge thing between her and her husband.

Meanwhile, The Mother and Marshall are on their way to the wedding as she reveals she’s already gotten to know Lily. Eventually, she says she’s not going to stick around at the wedding. She has a gripe with the lead singer, who makes it a point to tear apart the friendships of any random people he meets. So now we know who random guy is- and that he has his sets on Ted and Barney next.

As Lily and Robin begin to experience fallout, The Mother narrates Daron’s strategy as he begins to use it on Ted and Barney. He’s already screwed her over- she used to be the band’s lead singer, and now he’s kicking her out of it. Marshall tells her not to give in to him, though her point that he’s the devil might really be true. He keeps messing with the girls, and then makes his real move- revealing the truth about Ted and Chicago.

To say that Barney doesn’t take the news well is kind of an understatement. He storms off, personally affronted, while Robin makes it up to Lily by helping her beat up her Marshall body pillow. Also, Ted steals a bottle of expensive liquor for Barney, who finally learns just why he’s going to Chicago in the first place. The two of them make up and make peace with the coming plans.

In the van, Marshall convinces The Mother to confront Daron as they finally arrive at Farhampton. But while he and Lily temporarily set aside their anger as they reunite, she looses her nerve. Then, however, Daron accidentally makes Ted drop the expensive liquor. Ted punches him and he gives the band back to The Mother in a fit of rage. She responds enthusiastically, and buys “that best man” a drink- not knowing it’s for her future husband.

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