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Modern Family – Recap & Review – Lifetime Supply

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Modern Family
Lifetime Supply

Original Air Date: Jan 4, 2012

Will – Sr. Reviewer

The return of Modern Family never fails to disappoint! It is 30 minutes of pure entertainment! All of the actors and actresses all have this wonderful chemistry which makes the show award worthy. The show starts out with Phil getting a physical and the doctor feels something near his shoulder and decides to run some tests. When it was time for the more personal exam, Phil says, “dim the lights and crank up the Nora Jones.” I thought I was going to fall of the couch!

Now we turn to Gloria and her black mouse dream. In her culture, this means something bad will happen. I just love when Gloria gets excited because her accent is so unique. To me, that is what makes her character so believable. Anyway, Manny’s biological dad (Benjamin Bratt) comes to see Manny and decides to take him to a horse race.

Meanwhile, Mitchell has one an award for his work as a lawyer and he is so proud that this is his first award. He proudly displays it on the mantle and Cam gets jealous so he displays some of his. Of course, Mitchell gets mad but he sees that Cam was only trying to protect him from being hurt by not displaying his awards.

The next day, Phil is more convinced that there is something wrong with him when he runs out of his lifetime supply of razors that he won on a game show 15 years ago. While he nis dealing with this trauma, the doctor calls and he misses the call. He is worried that the doctor even tried to call unless there was something wrong. He tries to call him back, but he is on a plane to London.

At the horse race, Manny’s father bets on horses based on looking the horses in the eyes while Jay wants to bet by looking at the facts. Strangely, Manny’s dad’s way works better than Jay’s. Meanwhile, Haley is trying to learn Spanish for school and Gloria is helping. This to me was the best scene to me because Gloria can speak Spanish without thinking about it while Haley is like me who can barely say a sentence.

Gloria learns that Phil could be sick and she calls everyone over to the house. Everyone comes over thinking Phil is sick when Phil hasn’t even gotten a call back from his doctor. Everyone is frustrated that Phil isn’t actually sick and then doctor calls while they are all standing there. Thankfully, Phil is not sick and the doctor only called because he wanted to talk about buying a house.

All in all, this was an excellent episode and the chemistry between the characters could not have been better. What did you think? Leave me a comment, email me, or tweet me @TTCWill. Give me your twocents.


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