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Mr. Sunshine – Recap & Review – Ben and Vivian

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Mr. Sunshine
Ben and Vivian

Original Air Date: Apr 6, 2011

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

I adore actress Lizzy Caplan. How cool that she’s the perfect foil to Matthew Perry’s quick quips. In fact, they have some of the wittiest dialog ever penned on this show. Sort of a Thin Man banter.

Why can’t all the show’s dialogue be this good? Why?

Caplan plays Vivian, the female version of Ben. They hook up at a bar one night, and neither wants to see each other again. But it turns out that Vivian is Crystal’s new assistant. So Vivian suggests they have a sex buddy relationship– which is perfect as far as Ben is concerned– until he begins to fall for her.

Then he finds out her weak spot — Roman. Seems Vivian had an absent mother as well, so she’ll do anything Roman asks. Ben uses this to get to spend extra time with Vivian. You know this is all going to come crashing down on Ben and it does. Bye-bye Vivian. Alice is there to give sage advice, which is rather creepy considering that she had the same kind of relationship with Ben.

Vivian had been the one to drive Roman to the dentist after his mother bails on her promise too (she met a hot BMXer). Haven’t we seen this whole thing before– Crystal being a bad mother, forgetting appointments with Roman?

Alonzo has a tiny subplot about the mascot guy taking up too much of his office. Glad it wasn’t a whole plotline.

I liked that Ben had the emotional tables turn on him. But as it was obvious this would be a one-episode relationship, it was tough to get invested. If it had an arc of two or three episodes, I would have started rooting for him. Can we bring Caplan back?

Do you think the writing is starting to get better? Did you enjoy Ben getting dumped? Is Crystal ever going to be motherly to Roman? Give us your TwoCents…

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