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My TwoCents: 11 Spinoffs I’d Would/Would’ve Watched In A Heartbeat

jjjjjjjjABC and Marvel are giving the Lance Hunter-Bobbi Morse spin off a second try with the pilot Marvel’s Most Wanted. The two characters were great additions to the Agents of SHIELD’s second season. The estranged husband and wife were originally set to play Marvel’s version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. No details about the new series have been released except for the two stars’ involvement.

This new pilot got me thinking about spin offs. There are many supporting characters from series that would make great leads. Some shows even have smaller worlds or parts of the series that could take on a life on their own. Revivals and reboots are all the rage these days, but sometimes taking a character from an existing series or introducing a character in preparation of a new show can result in your new favorite series. The FlashPrivate PracticeBetter Call Saul and Angel are examples of successful series that built off an existing show. I put together some characters or component from existing series that would make great spin offs. I even went back and used some great series of years past. Here’s a list of 11 potential spin offs, past or present, that I would watch.

1. Nolan Ross (Revenge)

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Nolan Ross stayed behind to continue the fight on Revenge after Emily left with Jack and this is definitely a show I would watch! Set in a different city, Los Angeles or New York City maybe, Nolan could help those who have been wronged, run his business and try to get his love life in order. He could pick up some allies who work at his company, a private investigator or police officer and get to work. Having a bisexual male lead would be new ground on ABC, a network that has not shied away from bringing something new to television. He could have a different person to help every season, anthology style, which could draw in some talented actors and keep serious distance from the procedural this spin off could easily become.

Now with all the television over the years, there have been numerous characters worthy of spin offs. Let us know what characters you’d follow onto another series by using #MyTV2Cents! Follow us at @TheTwoCents.

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