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My TwoCents: 12 Actors For The Young Bryan Mills Role On NBC’s ‘Taken’ Series

LNNBC is bringing Taken to television. The network has given a straight-to-series order to a drama based on the film series. It will be a prequel that finds a young Bryan Mills learning the very skills he uses to find his kidnapped daughter in the popular action film. The biggest question mark is the actor who will be taking on the lead role.

Now with the recent loss of the straight-to-series revival of Coach a casting story is probably premature, but I wrote it in an attempt to get on board with the idea. Who can take on a role made famous by Liam Neeson? These are huge shoes to fill and casting the lead will be important. Here’s 12 options:

Christopher Gorham

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Covert Affairs was great showcase of Christopher Gorham's talent and viewers of the drama know he deserves a starring vehicle. His character, Auggie, may have been regulated, most of the time, to his desk, but flashbacks show how action-ready the actor is. Also he has the star power to make those with doubt give a Taken series a chance. Gorham may be guest starring on NBC's Heartbreaker, but that's not enough. The man needs to be headlining something!

What do you think of my picks? Who do you want to see star in NBC’s Taken adaptation?

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