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My TwoCents: 5 Actors Who Could Play The Iron Fist

The Iron FistWelcome to Day 3 of Marvel Week! With all of the casting for most of the Marvel TV projects coming together, there’s still the question of who will play our last member of The Defenders…The Iron Fist.

In the comics, Danny Rand’s  father discovered the ancient, mystical city of K’un-L’un that only appears on Earth every decade as a child and saved the city’s leader and was adopted as the leader’s son. Danny’s father eventually goes back in search of K’un-L’un along with his son and wife and plunges to his death while searching as Danny also sees his mother sacrifice herself to save him.

With no one left, Danny is taken in by the ruler of K’un-L’un and is trained to eventually attain the power of the Iron Fist and goes off in search of his father’s killer.

Now, with a backstory like that it’ll be very interesting to see how Netflix does it. But, the first step would be casting the man himself, Danny Rand.

Here are just a few suggestions (both fantastical and realistic) for who would be really interesting to see in the role of The Iron Fist:

Jai Courtney

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Well, given that he's set to debut as the DC Cinematic Universe's Captain Boomerang, it might be a bit tough to swing but, Jai Courtney could potentially be a great Danny Rand. With roles ranging from Die Hard with a Vengeance, Spartacus and Terminator Genysis, he's definitely got the action chops to give the martial arts driven hero a go.

Leave us a comment on who is on your dream Iron Fist list!

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