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My TwoCents: 7 Wishes For Season 2 Of ‘Scorpion’


As part of our Fall Preview we are sharing what we hope to see on our favorite returning series this fall. In May a number of shows ended their seasons with character deaths, cliffhangers and shocking twists. Before they all come back in September and October, we are chiming in on what we hope to see during the upcoming season. Our writers will cover several shows. We’re starting off on this fine Monday with CBS’ sophomore series Scorpion

The procedural television game may be crowded, particularly on CBS, but Scorpion feels fresh and new. A group of geniuses band together to help solve complex crimes with the help of a waitress. It may seem ridiculous, but the drama turned out to be fun, exciting and an all-around good time. Four brilliant minds come together to solve crimes without an ounce of tact among them. Luckily they have Paige, the waitress turned front woman, who teaches them how to interact with the rest of the world. The cases are intense and the banter among the team is top notch, which was the winning combination for this series. The first season built a solid foundation, so next season will need a few things to build on that.

1. Explore The Past Of Team Scorpion

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Given how interesting the four geniuses of Scorpion are the events of their pasts should be fascinating. We know the history behind Walter and Cabe’s relationship and some of the team’s background, but I’m referring to the events in the middle. Joshua Leonard’s previous Team Scorpion member Mark Collins is a prime example of this. The government officials they've encountered, law enforcement they pissed off, former clients and all the individuals Team Scorpion came across before getting it right with Paige and Cabe. We found them hijacking electricity and living check to check, so how did they get there?

For the Scorpion fans out there: What do you want to see in Season 2?

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