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My TwoCents: 8 Wishes For Season 3 Of ‘The Originals’

originals-finaleAs part of our Fall Preview we are sharing what we hope to see on our favorite returning shows this fall. In May a number of series ended their seasons with character deaths, cliffhangers and shocking twists. Before they all come back in September and October, we are chiming in on what we hope to see during the upcoming season. Our writers will cover several shows. Today we’re heading to New Orleans with our wishlist for The Originals’ third season.


Season 2 of The Originals was a success overall. Personally when the entire family showed up I was worried about having Esther make a move against her child AGAIN. Add in the surprising return of Freya and the evil Dahlia, it could have been overwhelming. Instead we got tense family reunions and shocking betrayal, which is something the Mikaelson family does exceptionally well. The finale left off with new battle lines being drawn and one character, I’m looking at you Davina, in a powerful new position. All in all Season 3 has the makings of a great season! Here’s what I’d like to see:

8. Freya Finds Her Place

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With Rebekah off on a quest to bring back Kol and Hayley stuck as a wolf, Freya is left to help Klaus with Hope. Let’s hope she gets to do more than that. Freya needs to find her own place in the narrative. Yeah she’s a Mikaelson, but she’s also a witch. Does she side with Davin and the Witch Faction or Klaus? Freya was the source of information and shaky ally to her family last season, but she never really found her place. Season 3 should get right to that because currently she feels like Rebekah’s series regular replacement, which is a place where she stands no chance. I want to like Freya. I really do.

Ready for Round 3 in New Orleans? What do you want to see when The Originals return?

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