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MyTwoCents: Top 8 Caskett Moments

Okay, we know that our time with our favorite writer/detective series is coming to an end tonight.

So after going through all of the phases of preemptively mourning the loss of the lovely dynamic that Beckett and Castle had both as a platonic and romantic team, I’ve decided to list just some of the top Caskett moments in the history of the series.

There are really so many that I could have chosen but these come to mind simply because of the fact that they are remarkably adorable, funny, sweet, or badass.

So, here it goes…

Season 2, Kyra’s Wedding

While we got to hear about the one that got away from Castle’s pre-novelist years and a bit of a glimpse at Beckett’s level of interest in his story in the midst of the case of the week, we also got an adorable moment as Kyra finally marries Blaine and tosses the bouquet…landing right in Beckett’s arms.


Season 3, All of The Songs Make Sense

While Castle was trying to figure out how to explain to Alexis what it means to fall in love, he asks Beckett “how do you know you’re in love?” and she simply answers “all of the songs make sense.” It was a small moment but in classic Castle fashion, ended up meaning much more as the series went on for both Caskett and the fans.


Season 3, The First Kiss

Who could forget the moment that was three seasons in the making? While Beckett and Castle were working on finding Ryan and Esposito, the pair find themselves needing to find a way to get past a suspicious security guard. Their way of keeping their cover for a bit longer? Kissing, of course. It was tropey but so great.


Season 1, The Book Store Reading

It was early on in the series but it was fun seeing that moment that Beckett walked in trying to throw Castle off kilter while he was in the middle of the book store reading in “Hell Hath No Fury.” It was one of the many early moments that showed how entertaining their dynamic was and continued to be for so long.

(source: zoom-cinema)
(source: zoom-cinema)

Season 7, Third Time’s The Charm

It took a bit but Castle and Beckett finally made it to the altar in the Hamptons with Martha, Alexis, and Beckett’s father, Jim, surrounding them. I know some people were not fond of the third shot at the wedding but it was sweet, simple, and featured their song, “In My Veins.”



Season 3 finale, “I love you, Kate”

Okay, so timing was not exactly the pair’s strong suit in the earlier seasons but it was a shocking moment when Castle finally told Beckett he loved her. Unfortunately, it was as she was being shot and fading. That moment was enough to send fans into a spiral all summer.


Season 4, “Cops and Robbers”

“Cops and Robbers” will always have a special spot for me as a Castle/Beckett fan simply because of the moment that Beckett made it inside of the bank and saw that he was fine and his reaction to seeing her come in with the cavalry.

(source: giphy)
Season 1, The Pilot Moment That Started It All!

The pilot is usually indicative of how the story and the relationship between the leads go and sometimes it may lead to a little less than great results. Luckily for Castle fans, the chemistry and witty banter was there from the start and the final scene from the pilot set hundreds of shippers on course for Caskett as Beckett uttered the words “you have no idea” and walked away from Castle, not knowing he’d return and stay.

It was a really great run and I’m glad we got to see this pair grow as individuals and together.

What are some of your Caskett moments?

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