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MyTwoCents: 19 of the Best Numbers Popped Out By The Machine on ‘Person of Interest’

Person of Interest is a brilliant and unique procedural and, unfortunately for fans of the drama, its final season begins tonight. The series began with a simple concept: a team of unlikely heroes would receive the social security number of a person who would be at the center of a crime. They would either be a victim of a perpetrator. The idea allowed for variety typical unseen on crime dramas and fans have enjoyed each complex case.


At the center of each case is a Person of Interest. The person whose social security number Harold Finch gets alerting his team to a dangerous situation. Whether the individual is a potential victim or criminal is what the team must figure out. Each episode meant a complex guest role were up for grabs and many talented actors answered the call. Here’s a list of the best people to play numbers on Person of Interest:

1. Diane Hansen (Natalie Zea)


The number that started it all! Natalie Zea played prosecutor Diane Hansen, the first number Finch and Reese saved together. .Finch and Reese thought she was a champion of justice at first, but eventually discovered she was in fact working alongside corrupt police officers to kill one of her own coworkers. In the end, Diane was caught before killing anyone and Team Machine got their first win. The fantastic performance from the actress, which was a far cry from her Justified character, also showcased how brilliant and unique Person of Interest’s case-of-the-week stories would be Zea was part of the fantastic start to a truly unique series.

2. Timothy Sloan (Kirk Acevedo)

Timothy’s placement on this list has more to do with the circumstances than it does the character. Timothy was a guy working with Finch who was looking for his brother. A search that would land the unsuspecting man in serious trouble in the form of privacy terrorists Vigilance. His brother is saved by Root and a less than willing Shaw. When Root joined Team Machine things on Person of Interest got a more little complex and it was amazing. The Machine has two groups working on different parts of the same mission. It was messy, complicated and POI at its best.

3. Vanessa Watkins (Kathleen Rose Perkins)


Simply put Vanessa Watkins was a badass. The prosecutor’s troubles came in the form of a dead husband, a crime she was arrested for. Team Machine believed Vanessa was the perpetrator until it was discovered the husband she allegedly killed was actually still alive. It was a complex case with an unfortunate ending, but Perkins’ Vanessa was incredible. The prosecutor, known for her ability in the courtroom, apparently learned some things from the criminals she encountered. Vanessa while in custody calls an attorney she hates to represent her only to knock her out, take her clothes and walk out of the precinct. She follows that up by calling in a favor to get drugs to plant on the guy who planted the gun used to frame her. Vanessa Watkins was amazing.


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