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My TwoCents: Marvel Characters Perfect For ‘Daredevil’ Season 2


This week is Marvel Week at TwoCents TV! For the next 5 days we will release a piece about one of Marvel’s television properties. Daredevil made quite the splash earlier this year, so we’re kicking things off with a character wishlist for Season 2!

Daredevil established the major tentpoles of the world in the first season. Matt Murdock becomes the hero Daredevil while working alongside his best friend Foggy Nelson and their new hire Karen Page. Claire Temple, Wilson Fisk and Stick are other major Marvel characters who appear on the series. The gritty world of Hell’s Kitchen has been laid out and now it can continue to grow when it returns.

The new season will hopefully bring new friends and enemies to Daredevil’s doorstep. We already know Elektra and The Punisher will be appearing in the upcoming season, but there are some others that could add something special to the crime fighting adventure. New characters can add new layers to an already incredible series.  Here are several characters that would make great Season 2 additions.


The well-trained assassin is a major villain in Daredevil’s universe, which is why he’s at the top of my list. The man can utilize virtually any object as a weapon and is one of the biggest Daredevil villains. There was some speculation that a sniper who appeared in the first season was actually the well-known assassins.

Bullseye is the perfect addition to the Marvel series’ second season. Wilson Fisk was an incredible villain and should continue to be in Season 2, but for an adversary this big the series will have to begin laying the groundwork soon. The vicious contract killer is an important part of Daredevil’s world and the upcoming season is a good time for the two to meet. Whether someone hires Bullseye to kill Daredevil or he has contracts in Hell Kitchen’s, it’s time for this assassin to make his entrance. Also Bullseye has crossed paths with The Punisher in his comic book storyline and we know the vigilante is already confirmed to be appearing.

Milla Donovan

Throughout the course of his publication history Matt Murdock has several love interests and Milla Donovan is a very significant one. She is a blind woman who Daredevil saves begins a relationship shortly after. Of course the crime fighter and his dangerous life complicate their relationship in a serious way.

Daredevil referred to Matt Murdock as a ladies man several times over the course of the season without showing it. Excluding his brief attraction to Claire, Matt didn’t really interact with women. Matt didn’t sleep with, date or flirt with any women. It would have been no problem if the series did not insist on mentioning Matt’s womanizing ways. Now I’m not suggesting Season 2 turn Matt into a serial dating, but introducing characters like Milla Donovan could fill out Matt’s life, especially now that his transition to Daredevil is complete. Considering Milla’s compelling story lines and her close relationship to Matt, she is the great choice. Plus with Elektra debuting and Claire Temple returning in Season 2 it wouldn’t be hard to show Matt juggling women.


Echo is a well-trained fighter named Maya Lewis with a dark past. Maya is the daughter of a man named Willie Lincoln who was Wilson Fisk’s partner in crime. Even though Wilson killed Willie, the man asked his comrade to take care of his daughter. Although she is deaf and believed to be mentally disabled, Maya not only becomes a gifted young woman, but also serious martial artist. As an adult Fisk tells Maya that Daredevil killed her father, which gives her a new target and she becomes Echo. Problem is while Echo is after Daredevil, Maya Lewis falls for Matt Murdock.

With Wilson Fisk behind bars, it could be interesting to see him come after Daredevil from prison. At least for a little while. Maybe Fisk himself tells Maya the lie or Vanessa Marianna gets in the game herself. However it is done, Echo going up against Daredevil would be something to see. We can discover how she uses her sense in the same way Matt’s sight was dealt with. The two eventually become allies and even though The Punisher is coming to the series, Daredevil is going to need allies of his own. The Defenders won’t always be available to back him up.

The Chaste

The Hand made their subtle appearance during the first season and now it only makes sense to introduce The Chaste. They are a group determined to defeat The Hand. Members include the previously introduced Stick, Stone, who made a cameo in Season 1, and a couple of others. Notable members include Claw, Shaft, Elektra and Daredevil himself.

In addition to The Hand’s introduction, Stick’s episode in Season 1 makes the group’s presence likely. I just happen to believe it should be in the upcoming season. In the episode, Stick tells Stone that their plans include Matt. It could mean something completely different, but it could also be the formation of The Chaste to fight against The Hand. Personally I find the group’s origin fascinating, but in whatever form these individuals would make compelling additions to the series.

Mary Alice Walker/Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary is particularly complex part in Daredevil’s world and would be amazing when translated to television. Mary Alice Walker is a mentally ill woman with psionic powers who moonlights as an assassin. Quite the combination. She has three personalities: “Mary” is the quiet and tame woman; “Typhoid” is the violent adventurer; “Bloody Mary” is the brutal, sadistic killer. Her powers include telekinesis and the ability to set objects on fire. Another one of Matt’s love interests, Typhoid Mary is hired by Fisk to kill Daredevil. Are you sensing a pattern?

Dakota North

The daughter of a former CIA agent, Dakota North has found her way all around the Marvel Universe. In Daredevil’s world, she works as a private investigator at Nelson & Murodck after being recommended by her friend Jessica Jones. For some time she works for Foggy and Matt, but goes on to work with several other heroes in the universe. At one point, surprising no one, she has an affair with Matt Murdock.

Dakota could shake things up at Nelson & Murdock. Odds are there will be crossovers between the Marvel series on Netflix, but Jessica Jones probably won’t be a main fixture on Daredevil. In the comics, Jones recommends Dakota for the job as her replacement, which is not likely for Daredevil. Dakota could add some personality to the office, which fits since the lawyers are doing well. New dynamics could be compelling and she could get to the bottom of whatever Karen Page is hiding. The one character could make Matt’s day job more interesting while the other people on this list add to the crime fighting side of Daredevil.

Would you like to see these character when the action returns to Hell’s Kitchen next year? Who do you want to see in Season 2?

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