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MyTwoCents: Why You Should Be Watching “This is Us” and Catching Up

We’re over two months into the season and it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about This is Us, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching. Since the pilot, This is Us has continued to soar for me and brought plenty of family drama with laughs and tears alike.

The show follows  three siblings, twins Kate and Kevin and their adopted brother Randall, and their intertwining lives as adults and their stories as they were growing up.  It’s a multi-layered drama that has managed to win the hearts of many and has already secured a full season order. If for some reason you haven’t been watching, below are some reasons why to pick up this drama series and watch.

Why You Should Be Watching

  • Family drama is real and good drama. This show has shown to depict real life moments so real I wish it were and very much on par with Parenthoodcwmcqumxgaakrqo
  • The cast of characters are diverse and empowering. It’s not easy raising three kids at once and it’s one easy being one of three siblings all needing attention from friends, family and more. No one is perfect, but only trying their best, from Kate and losing weight and finding love, Kevin trying to break out of his acting shell and Randall getting to know his biological father.
  • The lighter moments make the show real. When you have a lot of “tug at your heartstring” moments, you need funny and awkward moments weaved in and this show does it so lovingly without making it feel out of place.
  • The dual storyline works. One would think that setting a show in two eras would be confusing to the viewer having to constantly go back in time, when in fact it isn’t. A lot of the present behaviors and relationships are explained from the past and that’s just how we like it.

If you’re so inclined to watch tonight, here are a few reveals (*meaning lots of spoilers ahead*) that will help with the catching up process.

Things to Know thus far from This is Us

  • Rebecca and Jack are parents to Kate, Kevin and Randall.
  • Rebecca met Randall’s biological father William not too long after he was born and hasn’t told Randall about it. Rebecca is the one who tells William to stay away for Randall’s benefit.
  • Rebecca in the present is married to Jack’s friend Miguel.
  • Jack is not alive in the present day. Kate keeps her father’s ashes at her home.
  • Beth just found out that Rebecca has met William in the past.

This is Us airs on Tuesday nights (tonight!) at 9PM ET/PT on NBC.

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