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Nashville – Recap & Review – You Can’t Lose Me

You Can’t Lose Me

Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

If you can believe it, there is even more emotion this week, probably more than I expected that mostly revolves around Scarlett. It’s a nice Clare Bowen showcase as most of our other main characters get to be in smaller storylines. Let’s get to what happened.

Scarlett, Part 1: Scarlett and Gunnar are still dealing with trauma of robbery and assault from last week. Gunnar’s staying with Scarlett to lend a helping hand until he’s called into the police station to look at mug shots, while Scarlett is at home alone. She ends up getting some major pains when she realizes she’s bleeding. She calls her uncle Deacon who takes her to the hospital where we learn that her baby’s heart has stopped beating. Scarlett loses it while Deacon is barely holding it together learning Scarlett’s lost the baby. Gunnar soon arrives at the hospital to be of help, but Scarlett has to deliver the baby first and she asks him to leave as she has to do it by herself. I liked that the show gave us this detail that hardly ever gets told. At the hospital, Deacon calls Jessie as a conflict has occurred because he promised to call a manager to get to her next show, but hasn’t. In their conversation, Deacon inadvertently mentions Scarlett and the circumstances about why he’s pre-occupied and Jessie seems to understand. Gunnar eventually takes Scarlett home and all she wants is to be alone again and tells him not to tell anyone. Scarlett, alone, in her house crying on the floor just wrecked me.

Jessie and Scarlett: Scarlett’s at home alone looking at the internet photos of her when Jessie tries to secretly drop a bag off of goodies and sneak off. Scarlett catches her leaving and is confused why she’s there and then is shocked to learn that Deacon told her. Luckily, Scarlett does know who she is because she has two of her albums. Between all the apologizing, Jessie eventually explains that she’s been through the same thing and just wanted to give Scarlett some helpful items. Scarlett is intrigued to learn more about ends up inviting Jessie inside. The ladies bond over their shared experiences and Jessie gives Scarlett some much needed advice and emotional boosting such as forgiving herself because it’s not her fault and to not look stuff up on WebMD. Scarlett laments how she never got to tell her daughter her name and all she has is a blanket because she asked the nurses to see her. Deacon soon arrives and is surprised to see them chatting. Deacon asks Jessie outside why she came since it means she let Scarlett know he told her something so private and then she comes by and tires to leave something. Who does that? According to Deacon a “kind weirdo.” Once Jessie shares that she knows what Scarlett’s been through, Deacon lightens up a bit.

Gunnar: Unable to talk to his friends about what happened with Scarlett, Gunnar is looking like an extra emotional wreck talking to Will about how he wasn’t brave enough to protect Scarlett. Will tries to comfort him saying he did all he can, but it’s clear Gunnar’s just too upset including having nightmares of the kid pointing the gun in his face. Gunnar’s so out of it that he’s driving around town, near the grocery store and thinking every kid in a hoodie is him and now Gunnar’s just a creepy guy in a car. Gunnar eventually sees the kid who attacked him, chases him down and then beats him up at the kid asks him to stop. Freaked out about what’s happening, Gunnar stops and the kid runs away. Avery, on Will’s advice, calls Gunnar to check in on him to talk, but Gunnar canot, so Avery asks Gunnar to join him on the road in Texas. Maybe a change of scenery will help.

Scarlett, Part 2: Scarlett’s cleaning up around the house when she stumbles upon two tiny girl knit booties and smiles. She then visits Gunnar to check in on him and while he still wants to take care of her, Scarlett reminds him that none of this was his fault. They are talking and Scarlett says how she feels like she’s the only thing keeping him happy and when she can’t make him happy, it makes him miserable and she hates herself. That’s not healthy and they decide to take a break from one another… again. Gunnar comes back the next morning to tell Scarlett he’s going to hang with Avery on tour to figure out who he is. Scarlett is painting a pretty wooden box to hold the blanket and the booties and on it contains the name she had picked out for her daughter – Amelia Rose. A beautiful name. The women’s clinic benefit is still happening and Scarlett wants to perform – solo. At the benefit, Deacon is there with Maddie and Daphne and so is Jessie – invited by Scarlett. Before her performance, Scarlett tells Maddie and Daphne how she lost the baby. Scarlett gives a short speech before singing another lovely song telling the crowd that she miscarried. “So in a way I’m here saying this for her, for my daughter, because I imagined a future for her that was absolutely limitless. The only way we can get there is to strip away the secrecy and the shame because that is what makes us stronger.”

Deacon: Deacon telling Daphne he knows all about her boyfriend Flynn while she denies it is adorable. Deacon introducing the girls to Jessie as a friend at the benefit was nice and they seem friendly. Jessie tells Deacon that she doesn’t want to sign with Highway 65 even if he wants her on the label because she wants to keep some “professional boundaries” whatever that means.

Juliette and Maddie: Juliette’s new single “Water Rising” is a hit on the charts. It’s also the song Juliette “stole” away from Maddie. Zach is planning a big party for the occasion, while Maddie has an upcoming gig at the Wildhorse Saloon. Zach has a crazy idea for Juliette to show up to Maddie’s gig and sing a duet of Juliette’s new single and to invite songwriter Travis to the party later. Juliette agrees to it all, but secretly bribes Travis to not got the party with concert tickets the same evening. At Maddie’s gig, Juliette gives Maddie some cold shoulder while performing. Maddie notices it and Juliette brushes it off saying she still cares about Maddie and her career but is busy now and hopes to chat with her soon. Travis ends up at the party anyway and Juliette immediately pushes him to the bar while pushing Maddie towards home thinking she may be getting sick and needs more sleep. Juliette looks to be in the clear, but when Travis is leaving he runs into Maddie. She says he’s written some of her favorite songs and he’s flattered and then casualy mentions that he’s OK she passed on this song. Maddie is livid and ends up throwing a drink in Juliette’s face in front of everyone at the party. Juliette later goes to the Jaymes household to apologize but she gets Daphne. Juliette tries to explain herself and apologize for her actions and Daphne then tells Maddie that it sounded like Juliette really meant it. Deacon goes to talk to Maddie about what happened since it ended up in the media. Deacon says he knows how Juliette can get and wants her to talk to him about it, but Maddie wants to handle it on her own.

Clare Bowen was so great in this episode showing all these raw emotions. It was heartbreaking, but very authentic. What did you think? Share your thoughts below.

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