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Nashville – Recap & Review – First To Have A Second Chance

photo: abc
photo: abc
First To Have A Second Chance

Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2014

Jules – Managing Editor

We’re at the mid-season finale ya’ll. Sorry I missed last week, but to catch you up: The Rolling Stone article comes out and Deacon is mad, but still loves Rayna, who’s getting married in two weeks. Sadie hires Avery as producer of her new album. Avery and Juliette agree to be “friends,” but it’s looking difficult. ZAG (Zoey, Avery and Gunnar) became SAG (S=Scarlett) and their performance has Scarlett overcoming stage fears and Sadie’s manager wants them to tour, but Gunnar says no since he has Micah. Layla sleeps with Jeff!

Which brings us to this week. A lot happens, so let’s get to it.

Rayna and Luke: The Ruke wedding is here! While making the final touches on the wedding, Rayna’s asked about extending the honeymoon tour (remember, her idea) by six months and she’s not into it at all and Luke seems ok with it. Rayna’s worried time away from her daughters wouldn’t make them happy, while in fact, they support their mom and her dreams because Luke talked to them about boarding school (his kids go there) and now want to go (they each get their own horse!). Rayna’s not loving Luke putting ideas into her daughter’s heads and he apologizes, but I don’t think she bought it. Rehearsal dinner goes off without a hitch. Loved Rayna’s reaction to having a red carpet at her own rehearsal dinner, Sadie giving her a silver sixpence for her shoe and Maddie and Daphne’s singing a song that Maddie co-wrote with Teddy. Since Rayna is getting married, Tandy’s back in town and helping her sis think about her future and reminds her that Luke loves her. Rayna spends the night before the big day thinking things over, reading the article and what not. The morning of the wedding, Rayna goes up to Luke and breaks things off. Luke, obviously, does not take it well and is completely heartbroken. He wishes they just got married and then divorced later. While Luke throws chairs, Rayna (who finally removes her engagement ring) drives off and away from Luke’s ranch.

Juliette and Avery: Juliette asks Avery to move in as not to shuttle a newborn between two places. She has an empty guest room and still his old key and it all seems good as Avery’s mom is sending boxes of clothes and stuff as they prepare for the baby’s arrival. After a chat with his mom and looking through children’s books, Avery confronts Juliette that it’s too hard to be friends and instead proposes! Juliette accepts! And they marry in a small civil ceremony. A nice contrast to the big wedding that wasn’t.

Sadie: Sadie’s ex Pete shows up unexpectedly during a recording session trying to scare her into getting his cut of her success. It irks her, but Sadie continues to move on with recording with Avery at the producer helm. Sadie promises herself to stand tall, but by episode end, Pete’s found her home and punches her in the face. Poor Sadie! I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

Teddy: Teddy hunts down the hooker from before and they sleep together again, afterward which she proposes they make “formal arrangements” for their get togethers. But after a text from Maddie and reminded that he really only hooked up with her because he was still getting over Rayna, Teddy breaks things off for good. Geesh, took long enough.

Will and Layla: Layla and Jeff are still flirting and when Will sees them at a party being all cozy, Will confronts Jeff about it and that he has to work his ways to get Layla to go out on tour with him. Jeff does as told and breaks things off with Layla gently, but a drunk Layla blames Will for the breakup and cries her heart out. Jeff gives her some pills to “take the edge off.” Will, trying to stave off rumors about his sexuality, sleeps with a reporter, which dunk Layla catches and then proceeds to take an excess of the pills with alcohol. Later, Will finds Layla face down in a pool. Jeff’s there too and Will tells him to call 911, but instead Jeff calls his pal Teddy.

Gunnar: Kiley’s parents finally come to Nashville and they’ve got a surprise for Gunnar. It took them this long to come because they were getting the paperwork together to become Micah’s legal guardians. They’re here to take Micah back to Texas with them for good. Upset, Gunnar goes to a lawyer, who urges Gunnar to go to custody court and get a DNA test to confirm paternity. Gunnar tries to impress Kiley’s parents at dinner, but it doesn’t impress them at all, who leave after they confront Gunnar about taking them to court. For Gunnar, things get worse when he finds out he’s not actually Micah’s father, his brother Jason is, making Micah is nephew. Upset, he buries his truths with Scarlett…who seems to be in the middle of big emotions this week..

Deacon and Scarlett: Deacon and Scarlett hang out in Memphis after his last tour date, her helping to prevent him from moping. They see the Peabody ducks and then sing some great karaoke. Afterward, Deacon, saying he’s not feeling well, heads back to the hotel, where he continues to see Ruke stuff everywhere, leading him to throw magazines across the room. Later, Scarlett finds Deacon passed out and unresponsive in the hotel room with mini bar bottles of booze strewn about. At the hospital, Deacon admits he didn’t fall off the wagon (if you noticed, the bottles were clearly not opened) and the doctor says he has more pressing health issues that could be cancer. Naturally, Deacon doesn’t want anyone to know.

While I’m happy Rayna made clearly the best decision about her relationship, I’m totally heartbroken about Deacon. Didn’t like that curveball, but happy he wasn’t back to drinking. Kind of figured about Micah being Jason’s and Juliette and Avery together…finally! There’s my TwoCents, share yours below! See you again in February!

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