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Nashville – Recap & Review – A Change Would Do You Good

A Change Would Do You Good

Original Air Date: Jun 22, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

After last week, a change would do everyone a little good this week, but change isn’t always easy to accept and takes some time. Let’s get to what our Nashvillians are facing this week.

Maddie: The media is camped outside the Jaymes’ compound and Maddie can’t help but watch all the news coverage on TV. Zach is on it for controlling the story and he along with Deacon meet with the a city council member who says Maddie has to apologize to send a message of unity. Bucky even comes over to talk to Maddie and gives some real history of when the Dixie Chicks got dropped from every country radio station when the lead singer Natalie Maines criticized then President Bush. Bucky adds that the music industry can be unforgiving as Maines never apologized and group’s reputation hasn’t been the same since. So Maddie goes to Juliette to talk about it, who gives her no useful advice, but does try to usher Maddie out as she’s recording the song that was meant for her. Maddie ends up staying and loving the song. Maddie decides she won’t apologize, even when more information comes out about Clay and his past history with the police. Speaking of Clay’s, he’s locked himself in his apartment, working on loud music and not answering phone calls. The Maddie media storm doesn’t stop as the focus goes more to her and not what happened to Clay, which is escalated when mean gifs appear online, including one made by Liv. Maddie eventually makes it to Clay’s place where he says that whatever they had was over and that there was never going to be a place for the two of them and they just couldn’t admit it to themselves. Maddie returns home in tears to Deacon, who encourages her to show people who she really is. So Maddie makes a live-stream saying she is sorry for escalating the situation, but won’t apologize for standing up for her friend. She knows her actions caused him pain, so she and Daphne sing a song for him, which is beautiful.

Highway 65: Zach introduces Deacon to new chief strategy officer, Alyssa Greene (Rachel Bilson). She’s the go-to person for businesses that need to pivot and while she knows nothing about the music business, she’s willing to give this a try. Zach sets up a meeting with Alyssa and all the Highway 65 artists where she introduces brand partnerships to the group, who are not into singing songs about mops and tissue paper. Seeing this, Zach asks boyfriend Will to talk to his fellow artists about it and they all seem against it, even Will, that is until Budweiser wants to work with him. Will is over the moon about this development and rethinking the whole brand partnership thing.

Hallie: Juliette sets Hallie up with a showcase performance at the Bluebird and it goes really well as Avery and Deacon talk about signing her and how her first album will look like. Rhiannon is amazing – I’ve missed her singing solo. Anyway, Deacon offers Hallie a music deal, who says she’ll think about it as she really wants her band to come with her, especially George, the man she’s in love with, but is married and living with his wife and kids. Despite Hallie standing strong about her band and even Juliette trying to push her away from her safety net, it’s Avery to clean it up by convincing her to come in for two hours to the studio with the musicians he wants. Hallie comes and immediately goes in to sing as her new band plays the song just 20 minutes after learning it. Again, Rhiannon has amazing pipes. Love it. Hallie loves it, too and knows that she has a tough decision to make.

Scarlett: Gunnar’s cleaning, making dinner and being all great as a partner and it confuses Scarlett. She tells Deacon about it and he suggests she just wait it out because feelings change and Gunnar’s just trying to be the good guy and do the right thing.

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