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Nashville – Recap & Review – Didn’t Expect It to Go Down This Way

Didn’t Expect It to Go Down This Way

Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2016

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

It’s a Maddie, Maddie world and we’re just living in it, or at least trying, too. Maddie gets the main attention this week as the teen has rebellion written all over her face now and her parents trying to work their way through it.

Elsewhere in the episode Luke learns what’s happened with Riff, while Juliette tries to figure out her next move now that her team is back and The Exes deal with Autumn.

Rayna, Deacon: Rayna returns home in the aftermath of the Deacon/Maddie drama from last week, but when mom goes to talk to daughter, Maddie’s not in her room and has run away. While Daphne blames herself for blabbing, Rayna goes to Cash’s to look for Maddie and initially doesn’t find her there (but Maddie is really there). Deacon and Rayna spend a good chunk of time arguing about his anger issues. Rayna even resorts to going to Juliette to find her and reveals everything that’s transpired to the MIA star who totally gets it. Deacon talks to Frankie about it and gets an earful and later sits in a car outside Cash’s and sees Maddie! So on a united front, the parents confront Maddie to tell her to come home. But Maddie rebuffs saying something that seemed inevitable at this point – that Maddie wants to emancipate from her parents. This leaves Rayna a crying mess and all Deacon can do is hold his wife.

Maddie, Cash: Maddie’s hanging out at Cash’s and tells her about her lost Sony deal. Wanting to help, Cash makes some calls to her connections over there and learns the deal was the works to make her a star which upsets Maddie even more, but it’s still on the table if she wants it. Cash also reveals to Maddie that she had a budding deal with Edgehill as well.

Juliette, Avery, Layla Avery takes Layla’s job as band manager, a surprise to Juliette, especially since Avery plans on taking Cadence on tour with him. Juliette does offer to send Emily along for help since she’s always up for anything as long as Juliette pays her. Juliette’s really wanting to jump start her music career again and isn’t happy since Avery won’t be able to produce any songs for her. She gets more irked when she sees Layla get very close to Avery at soundcheck and Luke is blowing her off. So what’s a girl to do? More on that in a sec.

Luke: Riff is still MIA, but soon his wife learns he has turned up at the hospital in New Orleans. He was brought there by a local escort after suffering a stroke from mass amounts of alcohol, drugs, and performance enhancing pills. Who knew? Well Riff’s wife did and he was always the partying type and it was she who made him retire hoping his crazy days would end, but they came back and it’s been like this since the performance at The Beverly. Luke is able to secure Thomas Rhett to fill in on opening night much to the delight of fans, but he needs a permanent replacement. And who better than his former tour mate Juliette Barnes! Yup, Juliette’s back ya’ll! And she’s excited to tell a shocked Avery and Layla that “Now I get to spend plenty of time with Cadence!” Interesting times ahead I’m sure.

Scarlett, Gunnar, Autumn : Autumn is annoying. OK, I said it. She’s nosy, getting in the way of Gunnar and Scarlett’s duo, but Scarlett’s up for playing nice and being friends so they go get massages and bond. The Exes’ first single is released and it does pretty well. Yay! But Autumn, trying to get to Gunnar tells him that in a duo “one always outshines the other” and then kisses him on the cheek after Gunnar officially refused an offer from her to travel to NYC to meet her neighbor James Taylor. Things seem OK until Gunnar leaves her hotel room and Scarlett sees him wiping the lipstick off and you know what she’s thinking.

Will: He’s back to recording new songs and loving it. His backup singer loves it too. Will seems interested in his guy, but can’t tell if he’s gay, so calls Avery of all people for help, who basically says, just ask him out and you’ll see. So Will does, but it turns out backup singer is not gay. It happens!

So what did you think this week? I’m kind of over this Maddie rebellion phase and hope it works itself out positively soon. Share your TwoCents on the episode below.

Next week: Baby Come Home

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