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Nashville – Recap & Review – Fire and Rain

Fire and Rain

Original Air Date: Mar 9, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

We are at the midseason finale ya’ll. We’ve been through a lot in the past ten episodes and we wrap up a few things this week, along with some reveals in only our second Rayna-ness episode.

Every storyline weaves together this week. Everyone’s still in a post-Rayna world-daze, but none more than the girls. Luckily, they have Scarett helping out around the house, trying to get the girls to eat, function, you know basic things. She also has her own things to deal with. First things, the Exes have been booked for another tour. Starts in two weeks. Scarlett isn’t sure if she can’t leave that early and after Daphne has a bad day, tells Gunnar again that she’s not ready to leave her family.

In the same meeting, Zach wants to know when to release Rayna’s final album since they owe as much to the fans. Rayna did lay down the scratch vocals for the songs before she died, so it’s just Deacon’s that’s left, but Deacon says never. Deacon says only person he owes anything to is to Rayna. So Zach tries and gets Will to help out and talk to Deacon, who says he’ll think about it.

Back at the house, it seems Maddie keeps getting calls from TV shows in New York. Scarlett even answers one and yells at them. When Juliette comes over and realizes this is happened, she offers up her services to take Maddie to New York (Scarlett gives her a look), Maddie thinks they want to talk to her because she cried on stage to whole world when singing her mom’s song. Scarlett just wants the family to be together right not, but Maddie decides to go, with Juliette as her tour guide and mentor. Even Deacon gives her the blessing. Plus, Juliette reminds Maddie it’s another way to put yourself out there.

First interview…Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Noah dotes on her and her voice and it’s nice. Daphne, Scarlett and Deacon watch at home and it leaves Daphne with a bad feeling. Daphne says every time she thinks of mom she gets sick and when she doesn’t, she thinks of her more. Scarlett comforts Daphne with her feelings of when her own mother died (for those that forgot that Bev died just last season) and says that all that good still inside of you. When Daphne asks why they wanted Maddie and not the both of them, Scarlett has the best response “Because the world is obsessed with beautiful young women, which is good for you, because you are fast becoming one.” How can you not love Scarlett in this scene?

Backstage after the first interview, Noah gets Maddie to sing “Sanctuary” again. It’s lovely. Second interview is with Harry Connick Jr. and this is when things start to go downhill for Maddie and she talks without really thinking while sis and Scarlett watch again. She’s saying things like “I’m not all like, ‘Thanks, Mom, for all the attention I’m getting'” and when Maddie watches it back later, she wonders what happened. Don’t we all. Have we learned nothing of the bad things that happen when Juliette intervenes.

The next day a teary Maddie calls Scarlett, who tells her cousin to come home. Maddie tells Juliette she can’t do the next show, so upset Juliette reluctantly cancels it. Maddie arrives home to a happy Daphne. Maddie wishes she didn’t go and that she’s a horrible person for doing it all. It’s OK, we all make mistakes, but this is the second time in a few episodes. Juliette comes back with “How would you know? Just because you’re afraid of success?” Burn. Juliette later kind of apologizes, but explains to Maddie how Rayna was always there to help her out and just thinks Maddie needs come guidance and this is how she’ll pay her back, but offering to manage Maddie’s career and take her all the way to the top. Maddie oddly seems happy, but will think about it. Cadence, too. This should be interesting.

There’s some sister time. Maddie asks Daphne if she remember when mom would just give them advice about everything and it upset them. Maddie says she could really use her mom right now. Daphne replies with “It’s OK, she’s still here. Inside us.” Then they sing one of mom’s old songs.

While this was happening, Deacon buries himself in his bedroom with an old suitcase of Rayna’s old things from CDs, DVDs to diaries. Deacon puts in a DVD to watch old videos of them recording while reading old diaries. Deacon uncovers some great moments from their early days in the studio to Maddie’s birthday to behind the scenes video from their wedding and him reading Rayna’s thoughts about finally able to marry her love even though it seemed kind of crazy, but the kind of crazy that gives her hope. The wedding videos are too adorable. And it’s odd to see different actors for the Deacon and Rayna early years, but I’m ok with that. During this time Avery comes over to let Deacon know he’s there to listen/talk to, but Deacon isn’t much for talking about anything at the moment.

While Deacon’s holed up in the room, Avery, Gunnar, Bucky, and Will to come over the Jaymes household to again try and talk to Deacon about the album and Scarlett continues to stand by her uncle. That’s when Avery reminds everyone that Deacon lost the love of his life. “We need to be there for him, not ask things of him.” So how do that? While they figure that out, Deacon is finally ready to watch the behind the scenes footage that Zach pieced together that his friend Gene filmed (you remember creepy camera guy everywhere and interviewing everyone from a few episode back?). The video moments of Rayna and Deacon around the house and the make-out session behind the bowling alley are too much for Deacon as he is in ugly tears in a ball on the floor. Deacon needs a massive hug right now.

The whole team has an answer to Avery’s question while Deacon continues to watch video of Rayna talking about making this album and how great Deacon is and how he never gives up on anything. Rayna also says Deacon’s the best father she could ask for and that he’ll never give up on her or her girls or on our record or any thing she drags him into. She’s pretty lucky. Damn right.

So what has the whole team done, including Juliette who is now in the mix? They are providing the other voice to Rayna’s songs so the album is still a duet. From The Exes, Juliette, Will and Maddie and Daphne. Deacon is overcome with emotion when he sees this happening in their in-home studio. This is exactly how I imagined them finishing the album. As a team and as a family and with Avery at the helm. Love the splice with Rayna on the screen. It makes Deacon smile and we all smile. The last song to be recorded is Deacon’s and it’s ready to do it. The whole team is there when they play the songs for Zach, who couldn’t be happier. Let’s hope the public loves it, too.

After the group disperses, Scarlett tells Gunanr she’ll do tour, but just one thing. She’s pregnant!!Gunnar asks if he’s the father and honestly, she doesn’t know.

Well that wasn’t the ending I was expecting for a midseason finale. I hope the father’s Gunnar and this kind of makes sense with so much mothering by Scarlett the last two weeks. I also loved seeing the whole cast together just them. Made me happy inside, but made me miss Rayna. Share your TwoCents below! Second half of season can’t come soon enough!

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